Tuesday, 27 September 2016

ucu update; COVENTRY UNI DISPUTE/UCU NUS national demonstration Saturday 19 November

ucu update; COVENTRY UNI DISPUTE/UCU NUS national demonstration Saturday 19 November
1. Will you help staff denied a voice?
What kind of educational institution, when faced with a 100% vote by its staff in favour of being represented by UCU, sacks the staff only to offer them re-employment with a different subsidiary company on worse employment terms and with no union voice?
That institution is a company wholly owned by Coventry University, called CU Services Ltd. The staff concerned, many of whom are on casual contracts, teach English to Coventry's international students. You can read about their shameful treatment in the Guardian today after which I hope you sign UCU's petition.
2. Will you help UCU campaign?
UCU was able to get Coventry University the unwelcome publicity they so richly deserve because members came forward to help us! Now our media team needs help with other issues. We need case studies - anonymous if necessary - to support our autumn campaign and would like to hear from you urgently if you are:
An EU national working in a UK university or college and who is worried about the impact of Brexit on you and your work
A further education (FE) teacher able to share examples of how FE changed the lives of your students
An HE or FE teacher currently employed on a casual or short-term contract and able to show the impact job insecurity has on both you and your students
A senior academic who is worried about the impact of casualisation on the next generation of staff and is prepared to say so.
If any of these fit your experience please contact Matt Waddup at mwaddup@ucu.org.uk as soon as possible.
3. Will you take action for education on 19 November?
UCU and the National Union of Students (NUS) have called a national demonstration for Saturday 19 November in Westminster. We will use the day to argue for greater investment in further and higher education, better treatment for staff and students and - of course - for the UK to remain open to people from around the world who come to our colleges and universities to work and study. We are running coaches from every corner of the UK so wherever you live I hope you can make it.
Let me know you are coming here.
Thanks for your support.
Sally Hunt
UCU general secretary

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