Monday, 10 October 2016

Campaign against Climate Change update: Fracking & Heathrow

As you'll know, the government has just decided to override all local decision-making around fracking in Lancashire and give it the green light. This stands in disturbing contrast both to Theresa May's recent statements on localism and their policy on windfarms (giving local residents a complete veto). And here's what they said on climate change.

It's already a hectic time for climate campaigning and this decision is only going to encourage people to step up the fight. So...

1. A quick request! We would really like to be able to send you more information about what's happening near you, but as lots of people have signed up to our mailing lists with just their email address (and we have out of date information for others) this is hard to do. So if you could please click here and fill in your email address and postcode that would be amazingly helpful. Alternatively, you can reply to this email to let us know your postcode or city or full address. And if you're involved in any local groups it would be great to know that too.

2. The next big decision to be announced will be on a new runway at Heathrow or Gatwick. MPs are likely to get a chance to vote on this. Please do take the time to write to your MP! We need to engage MPs from outside London and the South-East as well, who may be easily swayed by spurious economic arguments. If a significant proportion of MPs can be mobilised to vote against a new runway, this will strengthen campaigners' future work on legal challenges to aviation expansion, even if the vote is lost. Take action and find out more here

3. Events in the next few weeks:
8-16 October - local events lobbying MPs on climate change for the Climate Coalition's Speak Up week
11 October - Manchester Shale Summit Rally: Anti-frackers of the world unite! Facebook
18 October - 'Climate Crime Scene' Protest at the Oil and Money conference, London. With speakers including Exxon and BP CEOs, this conference will focus on keeping the profits flowing at the expense of the planet. Facebook
19 October - Protest at the BHP Billiton conference, London. As well as being linked to forced eviction, environmental devastation and human rights abuses, BHP Billiton is also one of the world's biggest carbon polluters through its coal operations. Facebook
19 October - Solidarity protest with anti-fracking campaigner Tina Rothery as she faces court in Blackpool over £55,000 'costs' for the eviction of a fracking camp (which had already left) Facebook
22 October - Axe Drax protest and celebration marking 10 years since the first Climate Camp at Drax power station, North Yorkshire organised by Coal Action Network and Biofuelwatch Facebook There will also be a lunchtime protest outside BEIS in London on 19 October Facebook
10-20 October - Reclaim the Power Keeping it in the Ground mobilisation tour to discuss what direct action against the fossil fuel industry might look like in the UK and coordination of plans across the country. Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Preston, Sheffield, Cambridge, Ellesmere Port, Lancaster
24-29 October National Stop Barclays Fracking week of action (Barclays own 97% of Third Energy, the company that is planning to frack in Ryedale)
Keep us updated about anything else we've missed!
Best wishes and solidarity
From Claire and all at the Campaign against Climate Change
PS Apologies to non-Facebook users, several of these events have only been published on Facebook! Happy to pass on details if you need them.

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