Wednesday, 30 November 2016

End the violence against the Rohingya minority

Ousman here, Campaigns Coordinator for London Green Party. After consulting
fellow officers, I urge the London Green Party to support the campaign to
end the violence against the Rohingya minority in Burma.

At least  160,000 Rohingya are in desperate need of food, life-saving
medical assistance and other forms of aid. Almost 2,000 homes have been
burned to the ground and with no where to flee almost 35,000 people are now
internally displaced. Rape has become commonplace with 202 reported cases
but many, many more unaccounted for.

John McKissick, head of the UN refugee agency UNHCR in the last week told
the BBC that troops were “killing men, shooting them, slaughtering
children, raping women, burning and looting houses, forcing these people to
cross the river” into Bangladesh and the Burmese government had the
“ultimate goal of ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority in Burma”

*We call upon our members to:*

a) Sign this petition

b) *Attend the demonstration at 3.30pm on Friday 2nd December 
FCO where our Campaigns Coordinator will join others in speaking for this

c) Please* shared the attached poster image* on social media and amongst
other Green Party members

Thank you 

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