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No free pass to pollute! Climate change, aviation & shipping: Monday 26th February, 7pm, CHANGE OF VENUE

Campaign against Climate Change  

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Just a quick update that we have changed the venue for our meeting next Monday because of not wishing to cross picket lines on the UCU strike. We'll be in the FoE office - 139 Clapham Road SW9 0HP - same time of 7pm. We've got two great speakers and some nice plans coming together for action around the IMO talks, so do come.

Apologies to those who might get this several times - I'm sending this update widely as don't want attendees to go to the wrong place!
Best wishes

No free pass to pollute! Climate change, aviation & shipping
When we think of industries that are a big problem for climate change, it's generally fossil fuel companies that come to mind. But aviation and shipping were excluded from the Paris agreement and risk getting a free pass to pollute. With vital global negotiations on shipping emissions taking place in London soon, and Parliament set to vote on a Heathrow third runway this summer, now's a good time to get up to date with what's happening.
In April, negotiators will come to London from around the world to decide on climate targets for the shipping industry. While Pacific islands and some European nations are pushing for high ambition, other proposals on the table involve no meaningful emissions cuts. These talks usually go under the radar and have been described as 'captured by corporations'. We've been asked to help put pressure on negotiators and let them know that the world is watching. Find out more about the murky world of shipping from Aoife O'Leary, Environmental Defense Fund.

Meanwhile, the aviation industry does have an international agreement to cut emissions - but it has holes so big you could fly a jumbo jet through it. And the UK government is determined to push through a third runway at Heathrow despite the Committee on Climate Change repeatedly pointing out that this would presumably make us miss our climate targets. With MPs voting on the third runway this summer, Cait Hewitt of the Aviation Environment Federation will help unravel the misinformation and spin to understand what's at stake.
Monday 26th February, 7pm,
Venue: Friends of the Earth 139 Clapham Road SW9 0HP
All welcome!
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