Friday, 28 September 2018

Jonathan Bartley: Will you join me to show our support for the Stansted 15?

Fifteen of our friends are being put on trial for terrorism charges.
Their crime? Blocking a brutal deportation flight at Stansted Airport. It was peaceful. It was proportionate. And it worked. Eleven of the people on the plane are still here in the UK.

If these peaceful protesters get sent to prison for these trumped up terrorism charges, where will it end? 

Our Government charters planes to fly people out of Britain against their will.
They send people to places they barely know. They send people to places where their life is in danger. They take an approach of ‘deport first, appeal later’. But for many people, later is too late.
I don’t think the Stansted 15 are terrorists. I think they’re heroes. That’s why I’ll be showing my support outside the court when the trial starts up again next Monday.

The public outcry over this trial should be huge. Over the last few months, our Government’s ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants has taken a battering from the public like never before. 
The Windrush scandal exposed the Conservatives’ cruelty. The bravery of people taking action against forced removals has gone viral. Now, it’s time to end deportations for good.

In solidarity,
Jonathan Bartley
Co-leader of Green Party of England and Wales

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