Tuesday, 23 October 2018

IPCC report and national climate demonstration

Heatwaves and hurricanes make it clear: it's time to act on climate change. The recent IPCC report is a landmark for our planet, setting out just what is at stake if we breach 1.5C warming. The Paris agreement was a starting point but we have a long way to go, and it's not just Trump who won't quit fossil fuels. From fracking to a Heathrow third runway, the UK is stalling on climate action. 

This December in Poland, countries will negotiate the crucial next steps to keep the Paris climate deal on the rails. It's urgent. But we know we can't depend on governments to represent us at UN talks infiltrated by fossil fuel interests. We need to hear the voices of those in the front line of climate change, those whose land and water is threatened by fossil fuel industry pollution, and those fighting for climate jobs. We need solidarity from all parts of society, as we saw in the unprecedented mobilisation against Trump's UK visit this summer.
The government of Poland wants to suppress the voice of civil society, but we will speak out. And send a clear message to our own government to act on climate now.
Join us 1st December in London.

[Assembly point by the Polish Embassy in Portland Place, tbc]

Join us on 1st December in London
Flyers now available - email info@campaigncc.org

Template motion for trade unions on the
IPCC report and national climate demonstration

This branch/region/trades council notes the current impacts of climate change, including hurricanes, floods, crop failure and heatwaves.
It notes the findings of the recent IPCC report, both the importance of keeping warming below 1.5C because of the huge ecological and human cost of failure, and the scale of the challenge that this presents: "remaking the world in a generation,"
It notes the importance of the UN climate talks in Poland this December at which the Paris 'rule book' will be finalised, and condemns the Polish government's restrictions on protest and civil society, banning spontaneous protest.
It believes that trade unions have a vital role to play in bringing about urgent climate action which is rooted in workers' rights and social justice, and notes that with the talks held in the heart of the Polish coal country, just transition issues will be a key issue in the talks.
It notes that the current targets under the UK Climate Change Act are inadequate, and that the UK is off track to meet even current targets. Most worryingly, some government policies actively increase emissions. These include expanding aviation, promoting fracking, funding fossil fuel projects overseas, reducing fuel duty in real terms, blocking new onshore wind energy in England and introducing financial disincentives to rooftop solar.
The branch/region/trades council therefore resolves:
  1. To publicise and encourage participation in the demonstration in London on 1st December, at the beginning of the UN climate talks, including bringing our union banner.
  2. To hold a branch or public meeting to highlight climate change, invite a speaker to present from the Campaign against Climate Change trade union group;
  3. To ensure all members are aware of national union policy promoting climate action, to ensure that this is implemented locally and to actively engage in further policy development; 
  4. To work with other unions, campaign organisations and community groups in the campaigning for action to tackle climate change;
  5. To affiliate to the Campaign against Climate Change and to send a representative to meetings of its Trade Union Group.
[Affiliation fees: branches and trades councils £25, regions and County Associations £50, national unions from £150, depending on size]
Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 12:00 to 16:00

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