Tuesday, 10 September 2019

TUC conference has today unanimously passed a motion to support the school student Global Climate Strike on 20th September and INFO ABOUT LONDON COUNCILS SUPPORTING CLIMATE STRIKE

As the statement below makes clear, we want to thank everyone who worked to get this through, in particular UCU.

I'd like to add the words of Jill Eastland as well, who spoke in favour of the motion from Artists Union England: "We need to be courageous and imaginative to turn the agreement of this motion into something bolder... be visible and strong and proud"
has called on TUC affiliate Unions to organise a 30 minute work day campaign action to coincide with the school students strike on 20th September.

We congratulate the delegates at TUC who have voted to recognise the significance of the Global School Students strikes, initiated by Greta Thunberg and the need for adults and especially the Trade Union movement to stand alongside young people, to ensure they do not stand alone in fighting for the urgent action needed to tackle climate change and ecological crisis and to deliver Climate Justice.

We ask all Trade Unions to now turn words into action and get organised to build on the fantastic examples of Trade Union solidarity action already in place for 20th September. 
The 20th September is already set to be the biggest turnout of working people many organised through their Trade Unions in the UK uniting in solidarity with young people. But it can be even bigger and we still have two weeks to deliver solidarity action to put hundreds of thousands of Trade Unionist onto the streets.

We would like to salute the young people who have led the action and also the UCU NEC members who put forward the motion to TUC conference calling for a 30 minute stoppage. They have been bold enough to recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for Trade Unionists to not only respond to the call for Trade Unions to join them but to be bold in their actions and demands. The support for the UCU statement with over 2000 Trade Unionists and over 100 organisations backing the call for solidarity and a 30 minute workplace stoppage on 20th has also shown us the appetitive that there is for climate action within the Trade Union movement.

We ask all Trade Unionists to do everything they can to match the boldness required of us by the urgency of the Climate Crisis. We have just under two weeks now to build maximum solidarity on the 20th. 

This is just the beginning and we will need to continue the work of building solidarity, fighting to ensure our unions have the most progressive policies which match what the science tells us that we need to do and to continue to demand the Climate Jobs and a Green New Deal which can deliver the Just Transformation that we need.


In Camden UNISON have an agreed lunchtime rally on 20 Sept outside the main council building. On the day before the strike an all staff briefing will give a slot to Camden UNISON Branch Secretary to join Council officials to talk about the Climate Emergency and the rally and protest on 20th. Camden UNISON is organising a delegation to join students at the central London protest. 

Hackney 12.00 Rally at Town Hall with school strikers and Mayor expected. Council workers negotiating time off to join Central London demo in the afternoon

Lambeth Unison - Rally at Town Hall 12.30 moving on to central London demo (council workers negotiating time off)
Southwark 12pm rally outside London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, 1pm rally outside Southwark Council offices, then to central London

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