Code of conduct for Green Left email lists

Code of conduct for Green Left email lists
  • ·                                 We try to maintain an open, friendly approach on these boards, with a light touch when it comes to moderation and minimal intervention. There are just a few rules that we ask people to observe for the benefit of all users.

  • ·                                 Stick to the topic. Try not to duplicate topics but start a new one rather than sidetracking an existing discussion.

  • ·                                 Discuss the issue and not individuals. Discuss what someone has said, not the person concerned. No personal attacks, direct or indirect, in posts or in private messages.

  • ·                                 No trolling. Trolling is defined as baiting or provoking another poster with rude, disrespectful or condescending remarks.

  • ·                                 No messages should be forwarded to other lists or individuals without the express consent of the sender. 

  • ·                                 Treat others as you would be treated. Personal aggression, condescension, rudeness, racism, homophobia, bigotry and sexism are not welcome here and may lead to you being banned.

  • ·                                 If you are seen to have  breached  these rules an email will be sent by the list manager reminding you of the rules.  Repeated breaches of the rules will be reported to the steering committee to  discuss whether your membership of the list should be revoked.

  • ·                                 The list manager may temporarily put the list on moderation until advice is received from the steering committee.

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