Marxism and Ecology

Marxism and Ecology

A day school hosted by Socialist Resistance

Saturday 9 July 1.00 – 5.00pm

Venue: Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB (Kings Cross & Russell Sq).


Session 1: Marx and nature
Speaker: Alan Thornett

Session 2: The crisis of fresh water
Speakers: Roland Rance, on water and the Arab region and a Kurdish speaker,  Mehmet Aksoy from the KNK Foreign Affairs office, on the struggles around water they are involved in.

This school will not just be Q@A. There will be plenty of opportunity for participation and discussion both in the plenary sessions and in small group discussions.

After the Paris COP we need to step up our campaigning on ecological issues.

We also need to deepen our knowledge about both the nature of the ecological crisis as well as the measures that are needed to reverse and resolve it.

Socialist Resistance is hosting a series of discussions to this end on some of the current debates in the environmental and anti-climate change movement. This is the second such discussion in London. The first was on ecosocialism on April 9th.

Recommended reading in advance:
Review of the Living Planet Report Alan Thornett 2014
The age of the Anthropocene Alan Thornett 2015

Marx and nature Speaker: Alan Thornett

Marx and nature: Questions and discussion

Session 2: The crisis of fresh water: Roland Rance

Session 2::Mehmet Aksoy (KNK)

Session 2: The crisis of fresh water: Questions and discussion

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