Monday, 29 June 2015

Barnet Green Party stands with the Jewish community to say ‘No to Nazis in Golders Green!’


Barnet Green Party stands with the Jewish community to say
 ‘No to Nazis in Golders Green!’

We at Barnet Green Party are shocked and appalled that a small group of neo-Nazis have called an anti-Semitic demonstration in Golders Green on 4 july 2015

This is an act of deliberate provocation against the Jewish community who have lived in - and provided an important contribution to - both the local area and the British way of life since their arrival along with the Normans in 1070. It is particularly repugnant in the year that marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

This is not solely a matter for Jewish people but for all who believe in democracy, tolerance, freedom of faith, and who oppose Nazism. In a climate of growing anti-Semitism across Europe, we urge all communities to come together to roundly oppose their presence.

For this reason Barnet Green Party and our members - many of whom are Jewish - will be among those joining the counter-protests next weekend, including Adele Ward, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley and Golders Green in the general election.

Adele said: “It's completely unacceptable that a neo-Nazi demonstration is being permitted in Golders Green, where many have been affected by the suffering of the Holocaust, and where it will be particularly frightening for children. Although freedom of expression is important, there is a point where it becomes incitement to hatred and this demonstration crosses that line. The government should have banned this from happening in Golders Green.”

We stand with the Jewish community at this time and reiterate our opposition to all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and oppression. We will meet at midday outside Golders Green tube station so do join us.

We are reminded of the slogan used by British anti-fascists who came out onto the streets to successfully prevent Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists from marching through the East End of London in a similar act of intimidation against its Jewish community in 1936.

“They shall not pass.”


Solidarity with Greece: No to Austerity - Yes to democracy

Protest: Solidarity with Greece: No to Austerity - Yes to democracy
Monday 29 June (tonight!), 6pm @ Trafalgar Square 
Invite your friends

The ECB is threatening to cut off funding to Greece's banks. An act of financial war against Greece intended to provoke the collapse of its banking system and prevent it from holding a referendum. All carried out by unelected technocrats with no mandate from anyone.

London-wide People's Assembly meeting - Time to organise!
Thursday 2 July, 6:30pm @ NUT HQ, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD
Invite your friends

We'd like to welcome all Londoners that support the People's Assembly - whether you volunteered, stewarded, made placards, or even just came on the 20 Junedemonstration - to come along to our London-wide gathering. We'll be thinking about how to build a huge presence in London, and sharing ideas on how to make next events as big and effective as possible.

Osborne's Emergency Budget: strike & protest 
Wednesday 8 July, from 5:30pm @ Parliament
Invite your friends

George Osborne will announce his emergency budget on 8 July - the second in just 4 months. He'll be announcing all the things he left out of the first one because it was just before the election. We know what to expect; more cuts, more austerity, and more attacks on the poorest in society. 

On that day strikes will also be taking place at the National Gallery, in Barnet Local Government, in Bromley Council & it's possible others will be out too. We will be staging a mass "die-in," where everyone will lie on the ground as if dead in front of Parliament to highlight the deaths caused by cuts to welfare services and benefits - especially as the government is set to announce a further 12billion in cuts to welfare. Join us there!  

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Greece Solidarity - special update

Greece Solidarity - special update  

Trafalgar Sq 6pmMonday 29 June

As mass demonstrations continue in Athens,tomorrow there will be an emergency solidarity protest in London, 6pm Trafalgar Square.

Marina Prentoulis, Caroline Lucas MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Owen Jones will be speaking.

Read more

Last few days

June 25 - negotiators for Greece submit to debt but proposes the burden be redistributed - 70% of new taxes from richest
June 26 Creditors initially favoured this then u-turned and instead upped the payments
June 27 Greek government shocks Troika by announcing it would put the deal to the Greek people in a referendum 5 JulyRead more
June 28 Having encouraged a run on the banks, the ECB announce a cap on liquidity  - Greek banks could be forced to close next week
read more

Referendum 5 July

PM Tsipras "I call on you to decide whether we should accept the extortionate ultimatum that calls for strict and humiliating austerity without end." Read more

Education minister - the re-establishment of democracy in Greece. Hear interview
(R4 8:31 min in)

Drop the debt - euro petition 

42 organisations in 18 European countries have organised a european petition calling for the debt to be cancelled.

In the Uk the Greece Solidarity Campaign is working with the Jubilee Debt Campaign to get thousands of signatures. Please sign. 

Illegal, illegitimate and odious

This is the conclusion of the 1st report from the Hellenic's Parliament's Debt Truth Committee published 19 June.

The report sets out how the original debt occurred and the truth about the 'bailout'.

Read the executive sumary 

National organising meeting this Thurs 

There is a special GSC organising meeting this Thurs 2 July 6.30pm, central London venue to be confirmed.

This in addition to the ordinary national campaign meetings on third wed of each month,6pm, Unite 128 Theobalds Rd, London

All welcome 
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Friday, 26 June 2015

Sat 27 June @ 2pm @ B&M Store, Willesden: Demonstrate against B&M Bargains workfare

Friday, 26 June 2015

Sat 27 June @ 2pm @ B&M Store, Willesden: Demonstrate against B&M Bargains workfare

This demonstration is one of a number nationwide against what Boycott Workfare calls "the DWP's pet exploiter" — B&M Bargains.(1)
Placard statement: B&M Bargains Workfare is a Bum Rap

Members of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group aim to attend the demo at
B&M Store
473 High Road
Willesden (Near Dollis Hill Tube)
NW10 2JH  (Postcode map)




Thursday, 25 June 2015



George Osborne is to announce an emergency budget on Wednesday 8 July.

The People's Assembly is calling a national day of protests against austerity on that day across the country. This is the second budget in just four months & it begs the question what was Osborne hiding in his last? 

Osborne plans £12 billion in cuts to welfare and a fresh round of austerity measures

Updates on protests across the country will be posted here - more info soon. 
Birmingham 8 July 
Protest 17:00 @ Waterstones, Birmingham City Centre
Bristol 8 July
Protest 17:30 @ The Fountains
Invite your friends
Cardiff 8 July 
Protest 17.30 @ Cardiff Castle 
Invite your friends
Hull 8 July 
Lobby 9am, Rally 12pm @ Hull Guildhall Steps 
Invite your friends
Leeds 8 July 
City Square, Leeds 17:00 
Invite your friends
London 8 July
Protest at Parliament (time to be announced)
Invite your friends
Manchester 8 July 
Protest 17:00 @ Market Street 
Invite your friends
Newcastle 7 July
Protest 17:00 @ Grey's Monument 
Invite your friends
Newport 8 July 
Protest 17.30 @ Westgate Square 
Invite your friends
Nottingham 8 July 
Protest 17:00 @ Brian Clough Statue 
Invite your friends
Oxford 8 July 
Protest 18.00 @ Carfax Tower 
Invite your friends
Sunderland 8 July 
Protest 17.00 @ Park Lane 
Invite your friends
York 8 July 
Parliament St (between Barclay's and Halifax bank) 17.30
July 08, 2015 at 12pm - July 09, 2015
London: Houses of Parliament (and UK-Wide)
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 2PW
United Kingdom
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Brighton People's Assembly Against Austerity June / July 2015 Newsletter

June / July 2015 Newsletter
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Hello friends,

Wow what a demo on Saturday! Great to see so many people from Brighton joining the quarter of a million protesters - some of our local activists got into the national coverage, including Cameron the Crab. And just today we see more action from Disabled People Against the Cuts storming Prime Minster's question time.

Welcome to those new to this email list- we send out local news with details of campaigns and meetings once a month. All details are on our website at:  If you have any ideas or want to help, please email 
Brighton People's Assembly Against Austerity News
NEXT Organising Meeting 7.30pm Wed 1st July @ Brighthelm Centre (Stanmer Room)

7.30pm    Housekeeping
7.35pm    Review of Recent Actions e.g. Brighton/London marches
7.45pm    Peoples’ Assembly Admin roles
8.05pm    Champions’ Proposals
8.25pm    Working groups
9.05pm    Working group outcomes and record of commitments

Anna and Jen have volunteered to facilitate and Pauline will be taking minutes. Last meeting's minutes with a list of initial ideas proposed for further discussion can be found here. Facebook event page click here.

Message from Anna & Jen about the next meeting:

We had such a great turn-out at the last meeting after the election and many ideas of what to focus on next. We want to continue the momentum and really build something great from all the energy. 

We’ll be focusing on specific proposals and opportunities to get involved with the actions you’re interested in. We’ll be asking people to come forward during the meeting as champions of their chosen action. We will then have time for smaller working groups to get together and flesh out the ideas/dates/tasks associated.

We’ll also be looking for volunteers to take on some of the administrative duties involved with running the Peoples’ Assembly group.

Please think in advance of the meeting about any specific proposals for action you would like to make. If you have an idea, there will be an opportunity to propose it and invite others to join you in making it happen.

Mini Agenda for Working Groups
  • What is your action/idea:        
  • How will you go about setting up and doing this?     
  • Any specific dates for action?        
  • What resources/expertise do you think you’ll need?    
  • What tasks have the people in your working group volunteered for?    
  • When do you aim to have completed these?    
Date for the diary  - future organising meeting :
Wednesday 5th August 
The national people's assembly are calling for a day of protest onWed 8th July when the emergency budget will be announced - more information here If you're planning / like to do something locally, keep us posted and bring it to the next meeting.
Local Campaigns: Actions, Events & Meetings
Love Activists Brighton launched the Love Kitchen in January as a direct action to redistribute hot drinks, food donations and food surplus to people who are homeless or hungry. To share the love!
*Come and be part of the Love Kitchen crew at the Love Kitchen.
*Join us on the street runs.
*Arrange collections of food surplus from shops
* Donate : milk, tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, soup, fruit, bread, sandwich fillers, foil containers, spoons.
Next Love Kitchen: Sunday 28th June 1pm-3pm at the Clocktower

Radical Bank of Brighton & Hove

Activists took over the empty Barclays bank on Preston Circus recently and opened it for a week as a community space called the Radical Bank of Brighton & Hove.

To find out more check out their blog. And watch this video of the open day before they were evicted.  
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