Wednesday, 8 January 2020

An evening with George Monbiot, London - The Invisible ideology


An evening with George Monbiot, London - The Invisible ideology


Friday, 3 January 2020

New Year - new struggles

New Year - new struggles

The new hard-right Tory government has committed to imposing new anti-strike laws, specifically targeting railway workers. There is now an urgent need for the labour movement to renew campaigning against restrictions on our right to organise and take action.

There is a meeting on 14 January called by trade unions in Islington to plan a campaign against these new proposed laws. Tuesday 14th January, 6-8 pm Islington Town Hall. Sponsored by RMT (Finsbury Park), TSSA, UNISON, NEU, UCU and Islington Trades Union Council

Organising meeting
Free Our Unions will be holding a campaign organising meeting on Wednesday 8 January at 19:00, in the Lambeth Unison offices (Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP; near Brixton Tube). All supporters of the campaign are welcome.

We have also produced a model motion for use in trade union branches, which can be found at the bottom of this article: A model motion for use in Labour Party branches and CLPs will also be uploaded shortly.

Solidarity with French workers 
Before the meeting on Wednesday there is a protest outside the French embassy in solidarity with the amazing strike movement in France which saw almost a month of industrial action from workers across the country. Join us from 5.30-6.30 outside the embassy at 58 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7JT

To contact Free Our Unions, email or find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Sylvia Pankhurst Everything is Possible film screening

TUC LESE Women’s Rights Committee Presents
Sylvia Pankhurst Everything is Possible film screening
A unique opportunity to view this film about the campaigns and political impact of suffragette and revolutionary Sylvia Pankhurst
With Introduction by Mary Davis author of Sylvia Pankhurst: A Life in Radical Politics and member of the Sylvia Pankhurst Committee
  All monies donated will go to the Sylvia Pankhurst Statue Fund
A statue in London for Sylvia will represent Sylvia’s commitment to peace and her fight against racism and imperialism, her work with trade unions, fighting for the impoverished working class in the East End of London, and her campaign for votes for women.
Thursday 9 January 2020, 5.00pm until 7.00pm
TUC Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS
Nibbles and refreshments from 5.00pm
Raffle tickets on sale
Payment on the door minimum £5.00 employed and £4.00 unemployed and retired
Open invitation to all trade unionists and supporters
Please confirm attendance: or 020 7467 1218 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Defend low-paid workers standing up to Boris Johnson's lies

Defend low-paid workers standing up to Boris Johnson's lies

Lawyers: Independent Workers Union of Great Britain
United Kingdom

The IWGB is the leading union for precarious and low-paid workers. We have won several landmark cases against so-called "gig economy" companies, including Uber, Addison Lee and CitySprint.
days to go
pledged of £8,000 target from 162 pledges
Your card will only be charged if the case meets its target of £8,000 by Jan. 09, 2020, 6 a.m.
In October, migrant workers faced a terrible prospect: stand up to Boris Johnson and his threats of a no-deal Brexit, or face the risk of having some of their most basic rights stripped away.
Three precarious workers -- Maritza, Wilson and Alex -- teamed up with the IWGB and chose to fight back. In the face of repeated statements by Johnson that he would not extend the Brexit deadline beyond 31 October, they filed a claim with the High Court to force the government to abide by the law and seek an extension. A few days later, Boris Johnson went back on his commitment and agreed with the European Union to move the deadline to 31 January. After which, the workers withdrew their claim.
Now, government lawyers are arguing that because the claim was withdrawn, the claimants are liable to cover the government's legal costs of at least £8,000.
A no-deal Brexit would have put many of these workers' most basic rights at risk, not to mention, the many employment rights that are based in EU law. The IWGB has brought a number of high-profile cases which rely on EU law, including a £1m holiday pay claim against NHS contractor The Doctors Laboratory (TDL).
These precarious workers, who were forced to take action to avoid the terrible consequences a no-deal brexit, are now being punished by the government for having the temerity to take a stand.
Like claimant Maritza Castillo Calle said:
“Precarious migrant workers like myself have been terrified by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the impact it could have on our most basic rights. We decided to take action to protect our communities, but now because Boris Johonson lied about his intention to not seek an extension, we are being asked to pay thousands of pounds. By handing us this bill, it's clear that this government for the rich is trying to intimidate ourselves and other working class people from ever daring to hold it to account.”
This attempt to intimidate those that try and challenge the government is in line with the Conservative party's proposed manifesto pledge to explore changes to the judicial review process, which many fear will further limit ordinary citizens’ ability to challenge government policies.
Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who supports the crowdfunder says:
"This crowdfunder goes to the heart of why Boris is unfit to be Prime Minister. The PM lied, low paid workers and their union bravely took action to hold him to account, the PM backtracked, and is now vindictively pursuing them for legal costs. Low paid workers standing up for their rights and the rule of law need to be supported, not attacked."
How much are we raising and why?
We have set an initial target of £8,000 which would cover the current costs the claimants are being held liable for, and a stretch target of £25,000 to protect the claimants from any additional costs. Due to Johnson's history of dishonesty, there is a risk the government increases the amount the workers are held liable for.
Any leftover funds will go to the IWGB legal department to support legal cases on behalf of low-paid workers.
Any help is massively appreciated and we thank you for your donation

Green Left Statement on Allegations of Antisemitism in the Green Party

Green Left Statement on Allegations of Antisemitism in the Green Party

The Jewish Chronicle has published a piece accusing Green party candidates and the party more generally of antisemitism. Any allegations against individual members of the party should be made through the party’s complaint process, so they can be investigated and decisions on any disciplinary actions taken on the basis of the investigation.

On the more general accusations against the Green Party, which mainly amount to accusations  of failure by the Party to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, there are  legitimate reasons why the Party has taken this course.

Thirty Jewish organisations in a dozen countries have issued a Global Jewish Statement, which urges ‘our governments, municipalities, universities and other institutions to reject the IHRA definition’.

They argue, the text is intentionally worded to suppress legitimate criticisms of Israel.  It ‘undermines both the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality and the global struggle against antisemitism’.  

Numerous BAME groups and Palestinians have denounced the IHRA document on several grounds.  In particular, it suppresses the Palestinians’ own narrative of being dispossessed by a racist colonisation project.
The well-known phrase ‘apartheid Israel’ has been targeted as antisemitic according to his IHRA example: ‘Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination.’  This would apply to the entire campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) for example; according to its 2005 Palestinian call, BDS will continue until Israel ends its apartheid, settler-colonial regime.

This is the intention of the IHRA definition, to conflate legitimate criticism of the actions of the Israeli state with antisemitism generally. It is for this reason that Green Left will continue to oppose the Green party adopting this inaccurate definition. 

Green Left is in total opposition to all manifestations of racism / antisemitism wherever they arise in society, and will not be deflected from that stanceFalse allegations can themselves be counter-productive to the task of combating racism, anti-semitism and the rise of the right.


Friday, 13 December 2019

election 2019

Monday, 25 November 2019

Disappointing to see bias in the latest Greener Jobs Alliance, newsletter

Disappointing to see bias in the latest newsletter ( see, towards Labour Green New Deal and not a comparison to how it compares with the Green New Deal

Normally I tweet the link to the Green Jobs Alliance, but won't be this time as I am disappointed that there is a clear bias towards the Labour Party policies relating to the environment, and you have not set out the Green Party's commitments to the environment alongside this.

 I am surprised that you didn't see fit to present a more balanced view by comparing Labour's Green commitments with those of the  Green Party.

Especially as the Labour Party are not showing their commitment to becoming Green through recent actions in Parliament:

119 Labour MP's voted to expand Heathrow Airport with a 3rd runway.

Labour Shadow Cabinet members have backed Nuclear - Sepember 2019
& a new coal mine in April 2019

Also Labour in their manifesto have not committed to zero carbon by 2030 and are not putting in enough funded infrastructure, compared to the Green Party's commitment of spending Overall.

The green party propose investing around £93 billion per year in our Green New Deal, with a further £80or so billion being spend on Universal Basic Income which will form part of the New Deal (empowering people to seize the opportunities created by the new green economy)
This combined Green New Deal investment, over ten years, will represent an investment of nearly £2 trillion in fighting the climate emergency.

So perhaps in order for people to understand the differences between these two Green Deals and not have one presented as being the solution - i.e. Labour's green new deal you should have given a more objective summary and outline of both parties' commitments to the environment in full!


Andrea Carey Fuller
Green Party Candidate for Lewisham Deptford