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The Gathering - an exhibition by Jody Little

The Gathering - an exhibition by Jody Little

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London, 1946: A family come together to celebrate a wedding. It is a joyous occasion and the first gathering since the end of the war. It is, however, marked by absence. People cannot help but remember friends and relatives not lucky enough to return home from the fighting, both from the recent war but also the Great War almost a generation ago. Using a variety of printmaking techniques, ‘The Gathering’ examines loss and remembrance and considers how the past influences and forges our identities in the present. Of particular influence is the artist’s great uncle Walter, who lived in Gateshead before being posted out to France in August 1915. 

Contact Details:Karolynne HartTel:0191 433 8449  
Venue:Central Library, Prince Consort Road 
Accessibility:Gateshead Central Library is fully accessible *  
Additional Information:The Gallery at Gateshead Central Library is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 7pm, Wednesday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm, closed Sunday. Gateshead Central Library will also be closed from 12 noon on the 24th & 31st Dec and closed all day on the 25th, 26th Dec and 1st Jan.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Lambeth College strike and rally

Lambeth College strike and rally

This week will see 3 more days of strike action in Lambeth College UCU's campaign against new contracts with worse conditions.

The branch has called a mass lunchtime rally at 12pm, jointly with Unison, this Wednesday 17th December, outside the Clapham Centre, to mark the end of this term's industrial action and to mobilise for next term. Comedian Jeremy Hardy has confirmed attendance.

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Film Screening and Q&A: Chavez, Venezuela and the New Latin America

Film Screening and Q&A: Chavez, Venezuela and the New Latin America
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 7:00pm
The Hornbeam Cafe in Walthamstow, United Kingdom

Xmas diary. Haringey Independent Cinema

Just a quick note for your busy Xmas diary. Haringey Independent Cinema's last film of 2014 will be onTHURSDAY 18TH DECEMBER from 7pm. As with all December films we will be putting something a little extra back into the community by providing a small token of appreciation to all our supporters. Between the two film we will be showing there will be a little time where we can socialise and enjoy some free food and drink for everyone who comes along on the night. 
Both films have sub titles, so hopefully our deaf friends will feel there isa reason to come along and enjoy the night with us. For those using dial-a-ride, the night will finish just before 10pm.
All the normal details. Cost is £4 or £3 if you are low/unwaged. Nearest buses are: 41, 341, 67 and 230. If you need any more details check out our website at or just email be back with requests.
The two films will be:
YPJ Kurdish Female Fighters: A Day in Syria
followed by:
We would love to see you all in December to celebrate another positive year for Haringey Independent Cinema (we would have been showing films now every month for 9 years!!! - where does the time go).
From all of us at Haringey Independent Cinema
YPJ Kurdish Female Fighters: A Day in Syria Rozh Ahmad, 25 mins, August 2014Female fighters of the pro-Kurdish Yekineyen Parastina Jin (Women Protection Units, or YPJ) tell their stories, their experiences, why they joined and what they fight for in this women-only militia amid the civil war in Syria. This film is only a couple of months old.

WADJDAHaifaa al-Mansour Germany/Saudi Arabia/USA/United Arab Emirates 2012
97 mins Cert. PG Arabic, English subtitles
Wadjda, the first film made by a female Saudi filmmaker, is the story of a spirited young girl living in a suburb of Riyadh. Wadjda (Waad Mohammed) is determined to buy a bike so she can race against her friend Abdullah. But in conservative Riyadh we are told, girls do not ride bikes; they are regarded as dangerous to a girl’s virtue. And, as a girl on the edge of puberty, she shouldn’t really be playing with Abdullah in any case. But she does, cheerfully and with cursory regard for mum’s fretting or the disapproval of her staunchly traditionalist teacher. What’s more, she enters a Qur’an-reading competition to win the money to buy the longed-for bike. 

In a country where women cannot drive or vote and cinemas are virtually banned writer-director Haifaa al-Mansour had to overcome many barriers to make this film; in more conservative neighbourhoods of Riyadh for example, she was obliged to direct scenes from inside a van, communicating via two-way radio. Wadjda may be funny and romantic but it hides a political edge that never soft-pedals its push for reform.

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Suspended Lives: Refugees and Migrants in Greece

Anti-fascist action event  - Thursday 18/12/14
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Suspended Lives: Refugees and Migrants in Greece 

Thursday 18 Dec, 6pm at Unite The Union, 128 Theobald’s Road, London
To mark the International Migrants’ Day, 18 December, Antifascist Action for Greece (AAfG) is holding an event about the Greek state’s asylum policies and practices, and, in particular, its policy of indefinite detention of migrants – including children – in conditions that often amount to inhuman and degrading treatment.

There will be a screening of the documentary ‘Into the Fire-The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece’. This will be followed by a panel discussion with Ms. Elektra Leda Koutra (human rights lawyer and activist based in Greece, and chairperson of Hellenic Action for Human Rights – ‘Pleiades’), Dr Lena Karamanidou (lecturer in Sociology at City University, specializing in EU and Greek immigration and asylum policies and political discourse), as well as Matina Zestanaki and Mohammad Vahedi of the AAfG.

AAfG is proud to be exhibiting during the event thirty drawings made by children detained at the 'Amygdaleza' Migrant Detention Centre on the outskirts of Athens.

At the borders of the European Union’s 'Fortress Europe', human beings are detained in modern-day concentration camps, often violently deported, and routinely denied the rights to which they are entitled through a whole raft of legal provisions. Please do come along on Thursday 18 December 2014 to support our efforts to raise awareness of the outrageous treatment of migrants, including children, by the Greek state.

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Anti Fascist Action for Greece

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Arizona Defenders Face Imminent Land Grab by Foreign Mining Companies

 IC Magazine

Arizona Defenders Face Imminent Land Grab by Foreign Mining Companies

Arizona Defenders Face Imminent Land Grab by Foreign  Mining Companies
PHOENIX AZ., Dec. 8, 2014 –­– Apache leaders and concerned citizens from Superior, Ariz., including a strong contingent of former miners, met on Sunday with touring members of the Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians film crew on the sacred ground near Superior, Arizona, where Rio Tinto and other foreign mining companies are planning a takeover of public lands for the installation of a massive copper mine.
Congress is set to approve the giveaway of 2,400 acres of National Forest lands, including the burial, ceremonial and medicinal lands of the San Carlos Apaches, to Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of British-Australian Rio Tinto Mining Corp., a company with a long history of environmental and human rights abuses in developing countries. The open-pit mine would come within 1,500 feet of Apache Leap, a dramatic cliff face where, according to legend, 75 Apache warriors leapt to their deaths rather than surrender to the U.S. Cavalry. Apaches are concerned it would affect nearby Oak Flat, which from time immemorial has been the site of ancient traditional ceremonies like their sunrise dances that mark the passage of young girls to womanhood. It is also the place where they go to collect their medicinal plants and the acorns they use for everything from ceremonial uses to cooking.
Apache Leap
The land giveaway measure was quietly slipped into the National Defense Authorization Act (Section 3003 on page 1103 of a 1,600 page bill) and could be voted on as soon as Wednesday. Arizona Sen. John McCain was behind the deal, according to the Huffington Post. Oak Flat was placed off limits to mining President Dwight Eisenhower 60 years ago.
“What we’re asking people to do is get on the phone and get on the internet and flood the White House with phone calls,” said Sandra Rambler, an elder from the San Carlos Apache tribe and sister of chairman Terry Rambler. The group met at the invitation of the Last Peyote Guardians film crew, who immediately saw the parallels between the Apaches’ struggle and that of the Wixarika people to save their most sacred site, Wirikuta, from Canadian mining operations.
“Whatever happened to the environmental impact studies, the cultural impact studies? McCain is a coyote himself, and we say, ‘Take these bad seeds away,’” said Rambler, who, along with several others present, declared their intention to chain themselves to trees and rocks to protect these lands from the bulldozers.
“I feel this place to be sacred; just like our mountain in Wirikuta, Mexico,” said Enrique Ramirez, a spiritual guide for his people and a protagonist in the Huicholes film, as the group stood in a circle at the heart of the Oak Flats campground. “Every mountain has its sacred places, its power, its energy, which is why we shouldn’t destroy them. This is happening everywhere, not just in Mexico, not just in Arizona but all over the Earth.”
Roy Chavez, former mayor of the town of Superior, founder of the Concerned Citizens and Retired Miners Coalition and a former miner himself, has been fighting efforts to mine these lands since 1998. Modern mining methods being proposed for the area will render it uninhabitable, he said, contaminating the water and air for generations to come. Chavez, who organized the meeting with the film crew and local indigenous and non-indigenous citizens, said the case of Wirikuta was like a mirror for the Oak Flat case – “smoke and mirrors,” he added ironically.
“This is nothing more than “special interest” legislation for two foreign mining companies, circumventing established environmental analysis (National Environmental Policy Act-NEPA), with no true long-lasting economic benefit to the local region or nation”, he continued, “The proposed engineered “block caving” mining method (by Rio Tinto’s own admission), will result in a 2 ½ mile wide crater-1000 feet deep (completely destroying Oak Flat), and will also deposit over 1.6 billion tons of toxic mine waste tailings on an additional 8 square miles of federal public lands. HR-687 & SB-339 are both terrible examples of legislation that the mining companies have tried to pass for over a decade, and will negatively impact the United States and its people!” Chavez stated.
Apache and community leaders are asking people all over the country to support them by contacting their senators and congress members, since the Arizona delegation is clearly supporting the mining interests. For more information and for a link to a sample letter to send to your Senator, see the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition
Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians has been packing venues throughout the Western U.S. and Canada since it began its six-week, 20-city tour on Nov. 5 in Houston. After its Vancouver presentations, the tour will spend a week in Arizona and another week in Northern California. It won Best Documentary Film by the Red Nation Film Festival, the premier showcase for Native American and Indigenous film in the United States.
For details about the various screenings visit You can also find information on Facebook: @Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians and Twitter: @PeyoteGuardians, and it can be rented online at Itinerary attached.
# # #


Santa Rosa
Dec 9 – Arlene Francis Center – 7 pm
Fort Bragg
Dec 10 – Spirit House – 7 pm
Mill Valley
Dec 11 – Throckmorton Theater – 7 pm
San Francisco 
Dec 12 – California Institute for Integral Studies – 7 pm

Press Contact, USA & Canada Film Tour: Tracy Barnett | 210-867-9767 |

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Fracking Communities from Across UK to Converge on Ellesmere Port Drilling Site

Press Release

Ellesmere Port Media: 07944 796615
Facebook: Ellesmere Port Frack Free
Twitter: @FrackFreeElles

Fracking Communities from Across UK to Converge on Ellesmere Port Drilling Site

This weekend, communities facing fracking development will descend on a drilling site in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.  Coaches will be arriving from all corners of the UK for what's being called a 'Solidarity
  Sunday'[1].   The day of action is styled on a similar events that took place in Balcombe in August 2013 which saw over 2,000 people attend[2] and January 2014 at Barton Moss where over 1000 people attended.

Miles Reid, a campaigner against unconventional gas development in Bristol said,

'We are as threatened by unconventional gas development here in the South West as anywhere else in the UK. We're happy to support the people of Cheshire because we'll need their support when the companies arrive here. If we are going to beat this industry we are going to have to do it together'.

Sonia Farley from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire said,

'I am worried that I live in an area licensed for exploration and extraction. After months of iGas and CWaC Council claiming they were only looking for CBM and were not fracking, iGas now includes Ellesmere Port in it's hydraulic fracturing programme[3].....yet the planning permission relates solely to CBM.  It all seems somewhat cloak and daggers to me.
   I'm only just getting my head around the scale of what's being proposed here. It feels rushed. I'll definitely be there on  Sunday, it doesn't feel like anything apart from people getting in the way is going to do any good'.

Donal McNevin from Airth, Scotland said,

'We were ground zero for UK Coal Bed Methane development and we are still waiting on the result from when we fought the country's first application for full-scale fracking production. Dart Energy wanted to drill 22 wells here in Airth and to dump the waste water in the Firth of Forth. We know people in the North West feel as threatened as we do and that
s why we'll be there on  Sunday'.


[2] Guardian Article Covering
  Solidarity  Sunday  2013, Balcombe: 

For an overview of the situation in the region please see these articles:

* Fracking Threat In The North West:

*  New UK fracking licenses confirmed: