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Thursday, 15 August 2019




1. Richard Gott Library Sale

2. 'Different Class: Football, Fashion and Funk – The Story of Laurie Cunningham' with Dermot Kavanagh

3. 'The Twittering Machine' with Richard Seymour
4. 'Prison: a Survival Guide', with Carl Cattermole and Erika Flowers
5. 'Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century' with Kehinde Andrews
6. 'Fully Automated Luxury Communism: A Manifesto' with Aaron Bastani

7.  'This Land is Ours: The Fight for Land Justice' with speakers from the Anarchist Communist Group
8. 'Queer Heroes' – Exhibition & Book Launch

1. Richard Gott Library Sale - Saturday 17th to  Sunday 25th August
Richard Gott is a former Latin America correspondent and features editor for the Guardian. A specialist in Latin American affairs, his books include Cuba: A New History, Guerrilla Movements in Latin America, The Appeasers (with Martin Gilbert), Land Without EvilHugo Ch├ívez and the Bolivarian Revolution, and Britain's Empire.

Richard has very kindly donated over 1,000 books from his personal library, across a range of subjects, but as would be expected, the collection has a particular emphasis on South American history and politics.

Housmans will be hosting a sale of these books, starting at 10am Saturday 17th August and finishing at 6pm on Sunday 25th August. New books will be put out continuously throughout the week.

As with all our book sales we are keen to keep the price of books as low as possible. The vast majority will be priced at £1 or £3, with a small selection priced at £5, or on rare occasion possibly higher.

Part of the donation includes a number of books in Spanish – these will be available for free, though we would ask you to consider making a donation at the till, with proceeds going to Haven Distribution, who provide books to prisoners.

Please do spread the word to those who might be interested.

Our sincerest thanks to Richard for this generous donation.

IN-STORE EVENTSAs many of our events are oversubscribed we are increasingly asking for tickets to be purchased in advance. Tickets can also be bought at Housmans and there may be some spaces available on the night, but strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

2. 'Different Class: Football, Fashion and Funk – The Story of Laurie Cunningham' with Dermot Kavanagh

Wednesday August 21st, 7pm- tickets in advance from Class
Cunningham blazed a trail for black footballers at a time when racism was rife on the terraces and won over hostile crowds with his mercurial style. A glamorous outsider, he was also a soul boy who danced on the 1970's Soho funk scene in bespoke suits. Cunningham's story is not only a football one, it is a story of London, race relations and youth culture too.More info here

3. 'The Twittering Machine' with Richard Seymour
Wednesday September 4th, 7pm- tickets in advance from
In surrealist artist Paul Klee's The Twittering Machine, the bird-song of a diabolical machine acts as bait to lure humankind into a pit of damnation. Leading political writer and broadcaster Richard Seymour argues that this is a chilling metaphor for our relationship with social media. Through journalism, psychoanalytic reflection and insights from users, developers, security experts and others, Seymour probes the human side of the machine, asking what we're getting out of it, and what we're getting into.
More info here
4. 'Prison: a Survival Guide', with Carl Cattermole and Erika Flowers
Wednesday September 11th, 7pm- tickets in advance from
Carl presents his essential guide to life in UK prisons – now fully updated and featuring contributions from female and LGBTQI prisoners, as well as from family on the outside. Carle will be joined by Erika Flowers who will share her experience of Holloway women's prison.
More info here
5. 'Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century' with Kehinde AndrewsWednesday September 18th, 7pm- tickets in advance from
Back to Black traces the long and eminent history of Black radical politics. At its core it argues that racism is inexorably embedded in the fabric of society, and that it can never be overcome unless by enacting change outside of this suffocating system. Kehinde Andrews explores the true roots of this tradition and connects the dots to today's struggles by showing what a renewed politics of Black radicalism might look like in the 21st century.
More info here

6. 'Fully Automated Luxury Communism: A Manifesto' with Aaron Bastani
Wednesday September 25th
, 7pm- tickets in advance from
Aaron Bastani discuss his much talked-about book, which looks at the possibility of harnessing technological advances to moving beyond work, scarcity and capitalism.
More info here
7. AUTONOMY NOW presents:
'This Land is Ours: The Fight for Land Justice' with speakers from the Anarchist Communist Group

Thursday September 26, 7pm-  free entry, RSVP in advance from
There is a long tradition of fighting for the land in Britain, most recently in the Scottish movement for land reform. People are beginning to question the idea of private property and moving to more radical ideas such as the land being a Commons - owned and controlled by us all. This talk will first look at the question of who owns and controls the land in Britain, consider what is being done in Scotland and elsewhere, and then open the discussion on what changes we would like to see.
More info here
8. 'Queer Heroes' – Exhibition & Book Launch
Friday 27th September, 7pm- free entry
Join us for an evening of art, books and drinks to celebrate the release of Arabelle Sicardi and Sarah Tanat-Jones' new book Queer Heroes, a beautifully illustrated collection featuring 52 LGBTQ+ artists, writers, innovators, athletes and activists who have changed the world from ancient times to present day. Sarah will be joining us to paint a brand new mural on one of the shop windows and will have prints for sale. Come along for a chat, a signed copy of the book and a celebration of queer history in all its wonderfully varied forms.
Please note: this event will not have a formal talk element.
More info here

Friday, 9 August 2019

This is What Democracy Looks Like conference.AUGUST 31

This is What Democracy Looks Like conference.AUGUST 31
With three weeks to go, we're proud to announce the full line up of our 
Trade unionists like Lynn Henderson from the PCS and Sam Tarry from TSSA 
will be rubbing shoulders with national journalists like 
Paul Mason and Dawn Foster,
 politicians like Jon Trickett MP and Julie Ward MEP and local community 
activists including Sue BowenCllr Amna Abdullatifand Charlotte Hughes.
This conference will address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in
 campaigning for real democracy today. 
Meeting these challenges is not an optional extra for the labour movement – 
it is part of its historic purpose.
Get your ticktes now for this major Manchester meeting.

10.15 – 11.15 LAUNCH PLENARY
“Then And Now: Overhauling Our Broken Democracy” Looking back on the legacy of Peterloo – and the labour movement’s role in our democratic history. What lessons can we take to inform a vision for the kind of democracy we need?
·  Paul Mason – Journalist and author
·  Lynn Henderson – Politics for the Many Chair and PCS National Political Officer
·  Katy Ashton – Director, Manchester People’s History Museum
The People Demand – Voices from those ‘locked out’ of democracy.

1. Women in politics: how to breakthrough the barriers?
·  The Parliament Project
2. The power of community: Energising local democracy
·  Jess Blair – ERS Cymru
·  Ed Cox – Director of Public Services & Communities RSA
·  Sue Bowen – Former Coordinator, East Manchester Community Forum
·  Pauline Grandison – Act As If You Own the Place
3. Locked out: 200 years after Peterloo, why the poorest are still the least represented
·  Ian Allinson – President, Manchester TUC
·  Charlotte Hughes – Writer,
·  Dawn Foster – Columnist
4. Missing voices: Young people, minorities and the political system
·  Poppy Turner – Manchester Momentum
·  Rick Burgess – Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
·  Jake Woodier – UK Youth Climate Coalition
·  Dr Katy Sian – Lecturer in Sociology
·  Emma Greenwood – UK Youth Climate Coalition
12.30 – 1.15 – LUNCH
“Transforming The World: A Democratic Revolution to Win Social Change”
Delivering social change requires a revolution in how we do democracy. Join us for this inspiring session.
·  Dr Jess Garland – Electoral Reform Society
·  Jon Trickett MP – Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office
·  Cllr Amna Abdullatif – Manchester Ardwick
The Change We Need – Taking the provocations from the workshops Round 1 and the middle plenary, we go into more detail about our ideas for reform and key discussions around what works, and what doesn’t.
1. Westminster isn’t working: what does a democracy for the many look like?
·  Christine Berry – Author, Preparing for a Corbyn Government
·  Pauline Bryan – Labour Peer
·  Julie Ward MEP
2. Delivering economic transformation: why does democratic reform matter?
·  Sam Tarry – President of Class & National Political Officer TSSA
·  Hilary Wainwright – Editor, Red Pepper
3. A corrupt constitution: how do we rebuild trust in our political system?
·  Adam Ramsay – Editor, Open Democracy
4. Where do we go from here? How do we build a movement for real democracy?
·  Lynn Henderson – Politics for the Many Chair and PCS National Political Officer
“Politics For The Many: A New Movement for Democracy”
·  Willie Sullivan – ERS Scotland
·  Holly Rigby – Momentum

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

GREEN MONDAYS (07/08/2019) Forthcoming Green Mondays:

GREEN MONDAYS (07/08/2019)

ForthcomingGreen Mondays:
Speakers for Green Mondays up until end-September are as follows: 
12 August - For this 2ND. ANNIVERSARY Green Monday, events are expected to begin outside the gates at around

Our main speakers include:
(1) Gina Dowding, MEP:
As many of you will know, Gina has been a long-time anti-fracking activist at Preston New Road - who put her money where her mouth is by taking part in a lock-on outside the gates. She has been a very effective Green Party councillor on Lancashire CC - and is now also a Green Party MEP for the NW.

(2) Steve Masters:
Steve - a Green Party member since 2015 - is a newly-elected Green Party councillor on West Berkshire District Council - and is also the Green Party’s PPC for Newbury.  Formerly homeless himself, he now campaigns on homelessness and housing; actively opposes the badger cull; and recently led the successful campaign to get West Berkshire DC to declare a Climate Emergency.
In addition to his Green Party work, Steve is an Extinction Rebellion activist, and was one of the first to be arrested at the launch of Extinction Rebellion in October 2018 - and was with me on Lambeth Bridge (see photo above) when I was arrested the following month!

(3) Lindsey German:
In 2001, Lindsey was a founder-member of the antiwar organisation Stop The War Coalition (StWC) and, from 2004-7, was also a leading member of Respect
Currently, she remains the Convenor of StWC, and works closely with Kate Hudson, who was our Green Monday speaker on 10 June.  Lindsey has also written several books - including two on women’s rights.
(4) Paul Jenkins:

Paul (NW Regional Organiser for Unite Against Fascism - UAF - since 2009) was central to the recent successful UAF & Stand Up to Racism campaign to stop 'Tommy Robinson' being elected as a North West MEP - which won them a Fusion Community Award (see photo above). During that campaign, he spent a lot of time in Cumbria and Lancashire, working with members of local Green and Labour Parties.

Paul will be focussing on how the Climate Crisis is increasingly creating climate refugees - and thus the importance of stopping fracking, and all the other the fossil fuel industries.


·        The Nanas’ Samba Band
·        The Keswick Buskers (from our 1st. Anniversary)

·        Eve Norley & Allan Gray (who have performed before at PNR)

And possibly even more!

So make a date!!


19 August - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be
Sue Hampton:
Sue - a renowned & much-acclaimed author - will be making a welcome return to PNR. As well as her literary life, she has also thrown herself into the Extinction Rebellion protests - quite literally putting her body on the line for the planet and all the species on it.
Sue is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around

2 September - IMPORTANT INFO!!
This Green Monday will NOT be at PNR - but in:
Manchester, outside the Civil Justice Centre,
1 Bridge Street West. M60 9DJ
However, we still have a speaker for this event -
Jenny Jones:
Jenny - known as the Green Baroness! - has been active on many fronts, including the environment. She has always campaigned on policing issues.
So…PLEASE get along to Manchester if you can.
Jenny is expected to be speaking at around 11.00am.

16 September - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be
Fiona Prior:
Fiona - seen here prior (no pun intended!) to XR’s April action - is a VERY active member of North Cumbria Extinction Rebellion. She was one of those blocking Lambeth Bridge during XR’s London Bridges’ action last November - and was also back in London for XR’s week-long action this April!
When not taking positive Climate Crisis action, she has also been a Green Party candidate in Carlisle, has visited PNR as a protester, and is currently studying Fine Art at Cumbria University.
Fiona is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around

30 September - For this Green Monday, our main speaker
will be
Doug Maw:
Doug was the person who launched a petition against the new banknotes, because they contain products from animals that have been slaughtered. The petition got thousands of signatures - but was sadly unsuccessful. Active now in Brighton Greens, he was for a time an energetic member of Allerdale & Cumbria Green Party. He is also a vegan runner & boxer - and has just become part of Sea Shepherds.