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Brent Stop the War meeting: Wars: The Effect on Soldiers Mon 11 Feb

Brent Stop the War meeting: Wars: The Effect on Soldiers Mon 11 Feb 

 Speakers: Julio Torres (Veterans for Peace UK) New York born Torres was a member of the U.S. Army for eleven years 2005-2016, including a year in Iraq, with the rank of Staff Sergeant

 Ben Griffin (ex-Paratrooper, SAS soldier and founder of Veterans for Peace UK) Served in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2005 he was released from Army service after refusing to continue serving under American command in Iraq. Ben served as national coordinator of VfP until 2018 and remains an active member. 

chair:Mike Phipps (Brent Stop the War)

 The financial costs of US and British wars in the Middle East since the beginning of this century have been well documented. The personal costs to the soldiers who took part and to their families, friends and neighbours are often less noticed. This is an opportunity to hear and talk to war veterans about their experiences and how we might learn to fight for peace.

Brent Stop the War 11/2/2019: Wars: The Effect on Soldiers: Julio Torres &; Ben Griffin
 url: https://youtu.be/DQIscxhBpqs

 Brent Stop the War 11/2/2019: Wars: The Effect on Soldiers: Questions and discussion url:https://youtu.be/OBK9k-C4thg

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50 members of Unite call on their general secretary to immediately withdraw from his negotiations with Theresa May, AND the official Unite reply

Len McCluskey and Brexit negotiations
50 members of Unite call on their general secretary to immediately withdraw from his negotiations with Theresa May, and urge MPs to vote down the Tory Brexit deal
AND the official Unite reoly
 Len McCluskey of Unite outside 10 Downing Street on 24 January 2019 after talks with the government over Brexit. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA
As members of Unite, we are deeply concerned by reports that our general secretary, Len McCluskey, is entering into direct negotiations with Theresa May over the Tory Brexit deal. The outcome of the Brexit process will affect the lives of all of us for decades to come. Workers face the prospect of lost rights, lost jobs and lost prosperity.
The Labour party, to which Unite is affiliated, has a clear policy to vote against any deal which does not meet its six tests or which puts the Good Friday agreement in doubt. Unite policy conference established a similar set of red lines in July. It appears that McCluskey is engaging in separate talks with the government in which he is putting forward a position which contradicts both the policy of the Labour party and Unite’s own policy. This is absolutely wrong.
AdvertisementBy voting down the deal, MPs can create the conditions to bring down the government and force a general election, giving us the chance to get a government for the many. Backing the Tory deal, or abstaining on it, means keeping the Tories in power with their agenda of cuts, austerity and privatisation. Unite must stand up for the jobs and rights of its members. We call on Len McCluskey to immediately withdraw from his negotiations with Theresa May, and urge MPs to vote down the Tory Brexit deal.

Rebecca Tonks NE/100/11
Salman Shaheen London ITC
Tracey Thatcher Unite community Shrewsbury & Telford
Mark Boothroyd Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Hospitals
Graham Martin York community
Rebecca Lawrence SE London Medical
Alena Ivanova LE524
Jane Lawson Manchester, community member
Sheila Ravnkilde Unite community Nottingham
Matthew Smyth NW/NW11 Liverpool and Merseyside Clearing Banks
Joshua Lovell Beds and Herts
Ana Oppenheim LE 524
Liz McShane Central London
Sandy Paul Tower Hamlets Unite
Dennis Leech Tower Hamlets community
Omar Salem LE/790 (legal workers) branch 
Steven Carver Tower Hamlets 
Catherine Overton Poplar & Limehouse/City 
Laura McCormack London and Eastern
Nick Dearden Central London 
Eugene Dalton-Ruark Unite community 
Sarah Parker Enfield
Kristian Ravnkilde Unite community Nottingham 
Michael Chessum LE524
Elias Eiholzer SC/156/AREA
David Kirk
Lee Griffiths Tower Hamlets
Roland Rance East London 
John Bowden 
Susan Pashkoff East London
Joseph Clough
Ruben de Dios Armesto Tower Hamlets
Terry Conway Islington 
Sabrina Huck 
Chris Brace York Community 
Matthew Jury Brixton
Joseph Healy
Hannah Webb LE524
Mark Findlay Retired
Michael Tucker West Midlands retired 
Katia Widlak ACTS
Lisa Homan Parliamentary 
William Conway Nottingham Community branch
David McNerlin Belfast
Jane Kelly Retired
Radhika Patel 
Anita Downs South East London Medical Branch
Debby Boon LE524
Barry Woodling Greater Manchester Unite Community Branch
Alan Rawnsley Yorkshire

Unite responds to misleading letter from Another Europe is Possible

·         Thursday 7 February 2019

Responding to today’s (Thursday 7 February) letter published in The Guardian coordinated by second referendum campaigners Another Europe is Possible, a Unite spokesperson said: “The criticisms of Len McCluskey from second referendum campaigners are malicious and deliberately misleading. Len McCluskey is not negotiating a Brexit deal with Theresa May.
“He has met the prime minister once, as have several other trade union leaders, when he took the opportunity to raise a number of concerns for working people, including the danger of a no-deal Brexit and the need for a customs union in order to preserve jobs.
“The terms of Brexit can only be determined by MPs, and Unite fully supports Jeremy Corbyn’s efforts to secure the best possible arrangements.
“We endorse the proposals set out in his letter to the prime minister yesterday as being an approach that can bring all people of goodwill together. We urge all Labour party members and supporters to get behind them.
“Len McCluskey continues to liaise with government ministers to ensure that jobs in manufacturing and elsewhere are safeguarded and makes no apologies for doing so. Posturing will not keep a single factory open.
“Unite activists for the most part know better than to believe media rumours about their union, and we urge Another Europe is Possible to take the same sceptical approach.”
Notes to editors:

For more information please contact Alex Flynn Unite head of media and campaigns on 020 3371 2066or 07967 665869 
  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest union with members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.

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Comments on 'Delinquent Genius': by Mike Cooley

Comments on 'Delinquent Genius':

(  Cooley, Mike (2018). Delinquent Genius: The Strange Affair of Man and His Technology. UK: Spokesman BooksISBN 978 085124 878 3

This is a romantic and, at times, a nostalgic book, which might not be surprising as it is a critique of modern technology. It is perhaps more surprising that the author, Mike Cooley, was a designer and engineer at Lucas Aerospace working on military technology and the main argument of the book is that relatively recent forms of technology, underpinned some aspects of scientific rationale are superceding and devaluing other forms of human knowledge, experience and ways of interacting with the world.

However, this is less of a contradiction, if one considers that Mike Cooley was one of the originators of the Lucas Plan which proposed using the design and technical skills of workers at Lucas Aerospace could to used to make products which were more socially useful than high-tech killing machines.
Mike Cooley’s approach is not anti- scientific, reactionary or anti-technological, there are passages which show that he is clearly in awe of what scientific design can achieve. Yet, in other places, he details the apparently unquantifiable and intuitive nature of human skills, which is something a scientific-technological world view tends to ignore or denigrate.

Perhaps at times Cooley falls into the trap of over stating the de-humanising effects of the European scientific revolution. He is critical of the way in which it promotes an impoverished and reductionist views of humans, seeing them as little more than biological machines.  However, this is not just the end result of changes in European thought that can be traced to the renaissance and the enlightenment. Many civilizations, in Europe and elsewhere, have engaged in large scale civil and military engineering projects using mass enslavement or other forms of forced labour. Some of these projects took place in pre-Colombian America, yet Cooley seems a times to use a generic ‘Indian’ as a exemplar of how systems of knowledge outside the European scientific tradition were more environment and people friendly than it was.

In one chapter Cooley is fascinated by how elements of Japanese culture survive sand co-exist with the adoption of western derived science, technology and forms of social organisation. This perhaps shows that the use of science does not necessarily displace all previous cultures, and that it can be adapted to fit in with them, and vice-versa.

So, does Cooley confuse the effects of bureaucratic social organisation with those of European originated science and technology? It would be interesting to know what he thought about the Chinese scientific and technological achievement which preceded western ones, such the invention of gunpowder, the development of a far larger ocean-going vessels and devising means to prevent their crews contracting scurvy.

But these criticisms maybe nitpicking, Delinquent Genius is  a fascinating examination of human creativity and intelligence with all its pitfalls and potential to go beyond the current confines it has made for itself with  the narrow application of science and its diversion to serve the exploitative , and may be catastrophic interests of nation states.

P.MURRY 31/01/2019

Monday, 4 February 2019

Launch the Trade Union Clean Air Network

Launch the Trade Union Clean Air Network
Wednesday, 6 February, 2019 2pm - 4pm ITF Head Office, ITF House 49-60 Borough Road London, SE1 1DR This meeting is supported by the University and College Union, National Education Union, Greener Jobs Alliance and the Hazards Campaign. For further information and to register your attendance please contact Janet Newsham at: janet@gmhazards.org.uk 

Air Pollution – all in a day’s work? Having decent work means being able to breathe clean air at work. The reality for most workers is that the air they are exposed to at work and on the way to work is polluted wherever they are working.

There is very little acknowledgement of this in most government and local authority clean air policies. Government strategy is essentially an exercise in kicking the can down the road by delaying vital measures or passing it over to local authorities to sort out. It needn’t be like this.

There is rightly a public outcry about air pollution as a public health emergency. But it is also an occupational health emergency. Most air pollution is caused by work-related activities. Yet you wouldn’t think this was the case if you read all the consultation documents and public policy pronouncements on the subject. Even many of the environmental organisations who are campaigning for clean air fail to properly acknowledge this fact.

Why set up a trade union network? The worker voice needs to be much more prominent in the public debate on this issue. We have the example of asbestos, another workplace killer, to show how more effective unions can be when they co-ordinate around a single issue. The Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) shows how this can be done.

What would a network do? The adoption of a charter will provide a set of demands which unions can prioritise in campaigns at local, regional, national and international level. The network can also support the development of resources like pollution checklists for health, safety and environment reps who want to monitor the level of risk to their members. It can promote best practice case studies and training that unions can use to raise awareness.    The trade union movement has a central role to play. We need to make sure our voices are heard.

That’s why a planning meeting has been called to discuss our response. All unions and supporting organisations are invited to attend a meeting .

Sunday, 3 February 2019

FEB 26 HUGO BLANCO talks on fighting for indigenous and land rights in Public · Hosted by Socialist Resistance

Meeting and discussion with

Jeff Webber, author of books on indigenous struggles and the left in Latin America, and Terry Conway, Resistance Books

Tuesday 26 February, 7.30pm
Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB
(Kings Cross & Russell Sq tube)

Hugo Blanco has been described as the ‘Fidel Castro of the Andes’. Like Fidel and Che, Hugo Blanco was a charismatic revolutionary during the 1960s. His life of struggle for the Quechua and other indigenous peoples has been chronicled in these titles from Resistance Books. This meeting will be a unique opportunity to discuss contemporary revolutionary ecosocialism in movements of solidarity with the exploited and oppressed in Latin America and lessons for global left politics.

From Resistance Books
HUGO BLANCO – a revolutionary for life, by Derek Wall
WE THE INDIANS – The indigenous peoples of Peru and the struggle for land, by Hugo Blanco
Order these titles at www.resistancebooks.org

Read news and analysis by Socialist Resistance at www.socialistresistance.org

Thursday, 31 January 2019


Housmans Bookshop,
5 Caledonian Road,
London N1 9DX
Tel: +44 (0)20 7837 4473 
shop email: shop@housmans.com   
map: http://ow.ly/vtLpZ
"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"


1. Bernard Franks Memorial Book Sale
2. No Pasaran -  A European Conference Against the Rise of the Far-Right

 AUTONOMY NOW present: 'Anarchism, Syndicalism and the Amsterdam Congress of 1907' with Anthony Zurbrugg and Carl Levy
4. Red Utopias with Marylise Vigneau
5. FAUTLINE: Poetry, Lisa Fannen
6. Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
7. Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League with David Renton and Ruth Gregory

READING AND DISCUSSION GROUPS8. Fuse Book Club – forthcoming titles
9. Feminist Sci-fi Book Club at Housmans
10. Housmans Queer Book Club
11. Self-Care as an Act of Warfare: A Black Women's Reading Group
12. London Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group


1. Bernard Franks Memorial Book Sale

Currently out for sale in our basement is the library of Bernard Franks, very kindly donated to Housmans by his estate. The collection is primarily made up of Marxist and, often rare, historical tomes. Bernard was self-educated and wrote on many subjects, including a lengthy work on the French Revolution (there are many books on the Revolution in his collection).  His comrade Phil Edwards has written more about his life on our blog: http://www.housmans.com/blog/ 
As ever we endeavour to keep the prices of such books as cheap as possible – the vast majority are on sale at £1, while a few are at £3 and £5. 

2. No Pasaran - A European Conference bringing together activists from across Europe and beyond to discuss and organise against the rise of the far-right
Saturday 2nd March – Central London

The far-right is on the offensive: the biggest upsurge since the 1930s. They are increasingly internationalised, well-funded and well-organised. Bolsonaro's victory in Brazil extends this wave into Latin America. These developments must be countered by rapid and effective mobilisation. This conference will bring together left and progressive forces from across Europe and beyond: to work together, to promote viable political alternatives and coordinate an effective response.
For further information and registration visit www.prruk.org 

3. AUTONOMY NOW present:
'Anarchism, Syndicalism and the Amsterdam Congress of 1907' with Anthony Zurbrugg and Carl Levy

Thursday 31st January, 7pm – Free entryamsterdam1907
The Amsterdam Anarchist Congress of 1907 was a unique occasion for libertarians to meet and discuss. In France several libertarians were leading the French Labour Confederation the CGT: did they offer a new and better strategy? What opposition were they facing? Did libertarians offer an alternative to Social-Democracy and the growing threat of war?
click here for more info

4. Red Utopias with Marylise Vigneau
Saturday 9th February, 7pm
Free entry
Red Utopias is a collection of three books that bring together the photographs and texts of 10 European authors and photographers. These books aim to allude to the portrayal of the political utopia by those directly affected by Communism after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. This is being achieved by exploring 3 main topics: the collective memory, the spaces and the People.
click here for more info

5. FAUTLINE: Poetry, Lisa Fannen
Sunday 10th February, 6-7pm
Free entry

Lisa Fannen has been writing, and sharing words both solo and in collaboration with musicians. She launched a debut poetry collection, Faultline in November 2018 published by Active Distribution/Sto Citas. She'll be reading poems and sharing related stories from Faultline (which includes snapshots, lyrics, journal notes and meditations spanning the last ten years) and will welcome any conversation that emerges.
click here for more info

6. Authentocracy: Joe Kennedy & Juliet Jacques in conversation
Wednesday 13th February, 7pm
Entry £3 redeemable against any purchase

Join Joe Kennedy and Juliet Jacques to discuss our obsession with authenticity, and the ways it has been instrumentalised politically.  We are entering, we are told, a post-liberal age. Authoritarian populism is in the ascendant, and permissiveness, multiculturalism and "identity politics" have allegedly failed us, meaning that we must now fall back on some idea of tradition. However, it's not only the usual, conservative suspects who are making this argument, but centrist politicians who. "Authentocracy" is the populism of the centre, with a spurious concern for "real people" that's part of a broader turn within British culture. In their declaration that the Left can only save itself by becoming less liberal, our guests charges liberals themselves with fuelling the post-liberal turn, and asks where the space might be found for an alternative.
click here for more info

7. Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League with David Renton and Ruth Gregory
Wednesday 27th February, 7pm
Entry £3 redeemable against any purchase

Our guests discuss David's new book 'Never Again' which tells the story of the fascist National Front who were rampaging in the late 70s, and the campaigns which played such a key part in counteracting them.
click here for more info


8. The Fuse Book Club – forthcoming titles

Housmans has a monthly book club which usually meets on the second Thursday of the month, starting at 7pm in the shop. Forthcoming titles under discussion are:

Thursday 14th February
: Tell Me How it Ends by Valeria LuiselliThursday 14th March: Revolting Prostitutes by Juno Mac and Molly SmithIf you would like to find out more about the reading group, please email catherine@housmans.comThe Fuse has its own web page with more info here: http://www.housmans.com/fuse.php

9. Housmans Feminist Sci-fi Book Club feministscifi
Genderless societies, anarchist planets, polyamorous aliens, parthenogenesis, feminist militias, reproductive dystopias, cyborg families, and more at the Housmans Feminist Sci-Fi Book Club! Join us at the bookshop on the first Thursday of every month, 7pm-9pm. All genders welcome. Please bring drinks or snacks to share. 
Thursday 7th February:
 The Swan Book by Alexis WrightThursday 7th March: Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado
Book Club books available at 20% discount from Housmans. Any questions please email Hannah on scifi@housmans.com  or check the book club page here.

10. Housmans Queer Book ClubImage result for Queer Book Club
Housmans Queer Book Club is a new group that reads a wide range of LGBTQ fiction and non-fiction. We meet every second Thursday of the month from 7-8:30pm. All genders are welcome, as are any snacks, drinks and book suggestions you can bring along too. You can find future book club titles in Housmans, a 20% discount can be applied to them if you mention the group.

Thursday 14th FebruaryThe Bone People by Keri HulmeThursday 14th MarchConfessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima
Self-Care as an Act of Warfare: A Black Women's Reading GroupSelfCare as an Act
Held the third Thursday of month. The group is free to attend. Group members get a 20% discount if they choose to buy the upcoming book from the shop. The event is open to all women (trans, intersex and cis) of Black African and Caribbean descent. Black non-binary, agender or gender variant people who feel they can contribute to and benefit from attending are welcome.
Space is limited so if you would like to come please email: blackfeministreading[at]gmail.com

Thursday 21st February
 – This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color edited by CherrĂ­e Moraga and Gloria E. AnzaldĂșa
12. London Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Groupwhite poppy
Housmans has a regular Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group, who meet on the second Tuesday of the month. All are welcome, but please be prepared to join in the discussion. Please try to turn up by 7pm sharp. 

In FEBRUARY (on Tuesday 12 February), we plan to discuss NONVIOLENCE AND TOLERANCE.For more information please visit: http://londonpacifismnonviolence.wordpress.com/  

Green Monday Update

Allan Todd' via EcoSocialist Network Unsubscribe

Attachments1:56 PM (57 minutes ago)
Dear Climate Protectors!
Please find attached this week’s Green Monday Update. Some of you will no doubt be relieved to see the (permanent?) disappearance of words from various foreign languages in these Updates! We’ll see what happens now I’ve reverted to English.

Some of you will know already that last Friday, all 24 Greenpeace activists - myself & another PNR protester (Helen D) included - who locked-on outside VW’s UK HQ in Milton Keynes last August (as part of Greenpeace’s air pollution campaign) now have a criminal record for ‘aggravated trespass’. Those without any previous convictions, were given a 12-month conditional discharge, along with £105 in damages & court costs. The two who had previous were, additionally, fined £200.  

One heart-warming part of the court proceedings was that the District Judge began by stating that he has been a financial supporter of Greenpeace for many years! Despite opposition from the prosecuting lawyer, he presented a rock-solid case for not recusing himself! Quite different from another judge who didn’t even mention HIS family business connections - to the oil & gas industries, no less! - when sentencing our 3 truck surfers to prison!

Given all that is happening as the global Climate Crisis continues to worsen, with actions over the coming months being planned by Extinction Rebellion & Earth Strike (to name but two) - and not to mention any forthcoming Greenpeace campaigns - I suspect I may find it quite hard not to breach the conditional discharge!

Plus it’ll be interesting to see if the Met will follow up on my arrest on Lambeth Bridge last November, for ‘wilful obstruction of a highway’!

All the best

GREEN MONDAYS (31/01/2019)

This week’s Green Monday:

Those able to come to this week’s Green Monday at PNR were treated to a very interesting - and inspiring - talk from
Krista Cowman:
She is Professor of History at Lincoln University - & a top-ranking aficionado of Cuban mojitos (I’ve seen her in action in Havana!) - and specialises in the history of modern women’s political activism. She had much to say about the history of civil disobedience in the UK - with a particular focus on the how the Suffragettes struggled to achieve political justice for women.  
For those who missed her talk, here is a link to what you missed:

ForthcomingGreen Mondays:

Speakers for subsequent Green Mondays for this year have been booked for all dates up to & including 11 March - plus we’ve also got 3 dates covered between then & the end of May (tho’ that may - sorry! - come sooner than we think!).  So far, speakers are as follows:

4 February - For next week’s Green Monday, our main speaker will be John Ashton - a frequent and very welcome visitor to PNR:
He says he won’t have yet another amusing song with which to entertain us AND annoy Cuadrilla - but is busy working on ‘something else’! John is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
25 February - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Chris Bluemel from Earth First: Chris is a musician, and an activist across a range of environmental and social justice issues. He is bass player for the protest-folk band Seize The Day, who have performed previously at the PNR gates. He has taken direct action against Trident, the arms fairs, a roadbuilding project in Surrey - and, as part of both RtP and Earth First, against Cuadrilla’s fracking site at PNR, whilst staying at the camps. Chris is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
4 March - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Donnachadh McCarthy:
He is an environmental and political journalist and activist, whose written works include The Prostitute State - all about how Britain’s democracy has been bought! Previously, he has campaigned against the billionaire media owners, and for safer routes for cyclists and an end to air pollution in cities. He is now also one of the leading people behind Extinction Rebellion Donnachadh is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
11 March - For this Green Monday, our main speakers will be Carolyn Kagan & Mark Burton:
Carolyn is an Emerita Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, whilst Mark (who was a Visiting Professor at MMU) is currently working with Sheffield University. They are both part of Steady State Manchester Collective, which is working with people & organisations for a Greater Manchester that is economically, socially and ecologically viable. They will be talking about how to construct viable/sustainable economies after we’ve finally moved on from fossil fuels - economies that, crucially, will allow us to live within Earth’s planetary boundaries. For those wanting to some research/homework before they come to PNR, a link to their work is provided below: https://steadystatemanchester.net/about/ They are expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
18 March - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be the well-known - and much-loved (he told me to say this!) - Nick Danby from Frack Free Lancashire (FFL):Nick is a regular attendee at Green Mondays - and at many other protest days - at PNR: so much so, that he is extremely well-known to the police!From the start, Nick predicted that the fracking industry “will never, ever, have social licence.” The past few years have well-and-truly proved him right.Nick is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
25 March - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Barbara Richardson, another very frequent PNR protester: Barbara, as well as being a very active member of FFL, has been the Chair of the Roseacre Awareness Group (RAG) for some considerable time.  In that role, she has appeared on TV programmes such as The One Show & BBC Breakfast, to argue the case against fracking. She spoke in Paris, during the COP21 talks, at the first-ever international anti-fracking conference - and is a winner (on behalf of FFL) of the Sheila McKechnie Foundations Award for Environmental Justice. Barbara is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm
8 April - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Dr. Jem Bendell: He is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, and the Founder of the Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, at Cumbria University.Previously, he worked for WWF in their Forest Unit.Jem is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
15 April - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Dr. Dan Bailey:Dan is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, and the Founder of the Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, at Cumbria University.Previously, he worked at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute at Sheffield University, and as an Associate lecturer in the Politics Department of the University of York.His research has focused on the implications of the ecological crisis - referred to by many experts as The Sixth Extinction (if you haven’t already read it, try Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction) - for the form & functions of the state; and on how to achieve transformative change in order to move away from unsustainability.Dan is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
20/27 May - For one of these Green Mondays, our main speaker will be  Rupert Read: Rupert is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, and the founder and Chair of the Green House think-tank. He has also recently become very involved in the work of  Extinction Rebellion - and spoke at its launch on 31 October.Once Rupert has been able to confirm which date he will come, he is expected to be speaking outside the gates at around 12.30pm.
Also, in the pipeline - but STILL (A not-so-subtle hint!!) with no confirmed date just yet - is one more environmental academic and activist, who proved very popular at a previous Green Monday:
Kate Raworth:(‘ambushed’ by me on Lambeth Bridge during Extinction Rebellion’s action in London last November - no apologies, Kate!)