Wednesday, 23 December 2009

HO-HO-ECO-HO, Co-convenors solstice message

A happy winter festival to all and looking forward to working together in 2010 at the start of a new decade. It has been a successful but bumpy year at times and we have managed to see our 3rd anniversary come and go. Despite some internal differences, which are a sign of a healthy and open organisation, I hope that we will go forward working together next year. We have many events coming up next month, with two conferences with Joel Kovel, one in London and one in Manchester, plus a meeting with Joel in London on January 25th. We also have the general meeting in Birmingham on January 30th and the national party conference not long after that in London.

The Steering Committee will be looking through the conference motions on January 5th and proposing some amendments and recommendations on the prioritisation ballot. Please can everyone look through their list of conference motions and let me know off list of any proposed amendments you would like to put or of motions which you think we should oppose. This will then be discussed at the Steering Committee and the general meeting.

Have a good holiday and hope to see many of you on January 30th if not before.

In Solidarity

Joseph Healy


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