Tuesday, 9 February 2010

University of Sussex Occupation

GPTU statement

"The Green Party Trade Union Group fully supports Sussex University staff and students protesting against the swingeing cuts currently threatening Sussex University. Cuts in public sector spending, far from being examples of financial probity, are acts of short sighted and opportunistic folly and cuts in education especially so, when we need organised knowledge more than ever to build a just transition to a new low carbon economy. Our economic crisis is of capitalism and caused by capitalism, why should workers, by hand or mind and students pay for it?"

Please rush statements of support to http://www.blogger.com/sussexstopthecuts100@googlemail.comor Si on 07540 182218

University of Sussex Occupation Statement 9th February 2010
February 9, 2010

On the 8th of February 2010 over one hundred Sussex students entered and occupied the corporate conference centre in Bramber House as a display of support and solidarity for the UCU’s upcoming strike ballot. Furthermore, we stand in solidarity with all other workers at Sussex taking action against the cuts.

In a rally held yesterday we raised over £250 towards the strike fund and urge all those who value the work of staff to contribute further.

We strongly oppose the cuts and lack of meaningful consultation that management has offered students and staff.

This action is only the beginning and it is part of the wider campaign against management’s cuts at Sussex. We intend to continue to bring the fight to management.

We acknowledge that Sussex is not the only university being affected by cuts to public spending and that this is not only a national phenomenon but is affecting public spending and education internationally. We would like to express our solidarity with everyone fighting cuts all over the world.

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