Thursday, 11 February 2010

'Trade Unionists for Caroline Lucas'

Dear all
We are looking for trade union endorsements for Caroline Lucas and are asking for your help in the process.

We are now possibly only a matter of weeks from the general election and we need to demonstrate that it is Green solidarity with those in struggle, Green concern for workers' rights and our plan for a million green-collar jobs which constitute why there is so much support among trade unionists for the country's first Green MP.

Can you or your trade union activists and reps email a few sentences and a photo to myself and copy in Sven Rufus (copied here)

Also I have set up a facebook group 'Trade Unionists for Caroline Lucas'!/group.php?gid=284203683460 can you ensure you sign up and ask your TU contacts to sign up too.

Many thanks
Yours fraternally
Bro. Phelim Mac Cafferty
Equalities Officer, GMB Westminter Trade Union & Political Staff
Secretary, GMB Shout!

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