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Derby Climate Coalition:all day event in Derby on Saturday the 13th of October

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Derby Climate Coalition have organised an all day event  in Derby on Saturday  the 13th of October at St Peter’s Church, Derby, 10 am to 4 pm. This will be  supported by a  fascinating array of local and national organisations, and isn’t just about the climate. It’s about the economy, and the alternative to austerity. It is about massive investment in renewables. While we will have some extremely highly respected speakers, including the economist Ann Pettifor, there will be plenty of opportunities to swap experiences and learn from, and indeed inspire.

The Alliance for Jobs and Climate and Move  Your Money and the Midlands Co-operative and the Million Climate Jobs Campaign are supporting this event. For more details see and to book a place

The Alliance for Jobs and Climate  and Move  Your Money are also asking people in other areas if they would like to organise similar event.  For further information go and see (which is also included below).

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Peter Robinson
UK Regional Event Program: An Economy for the 99%

Background: The Alliance for Jobs and Climate was created in the Houses of Parliament in January 2012 with a mandate for pursuing decent jobs for all, and a massive shift to a renewables based economy.

Move your Money UK was launched in February 2012 on the back of a hugely successful campaign in the USA which saw 10 million customers switch their bank accounts from major banks to credit unions, building societies, mutual, and ethical banks. Since the campaign was launched, half a million UK customers have moved their money.

The Alliance for Jobs and Climate and Move your Money with support from the co-operative movement, UK Uncut and activists within the Trade Union movement are proposing a series of regional events to discuss the alternatives to the Governments ideologically driven austerity program, and to showcase positive economic alternatives accessible to UK citizens looking to make positive change in their communities, whilst tackling the urgent threat of climate change.

The Economy for the 99% event(s) will form new, and consolidate existing social-networks, establishing the basis of a continuing national conversation on alternative economic models, job creation, and solutions to the climate crisis involving the widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies.

The Economy for the 99% events are expected to draw between 50-150 people, featuring speakers from a range of organisations including trade unions, the co-operative  movement, ethical finance, and local organisations and campaigns.

Objectives: The objective of the Economy for the 99% events are to explore the social and environmental consequences of austerity, and to articulate and debate the alternatives – providing case studies and resources to empower people to take effective action and make a positive difference within their own communities. The intention is for the major national organisations to share their agendas, establishing a template for a series of regional events.

Building from below: here is a need for national organisations to generate and find local supporter and a primary motive  is to to foster support networks and to stimulate local actions. In addition we are concerned with translating local action into leverage over the key ‘upstream actors. This will require engaging people not just with local actions, but with the question of what a movement bridging different sectors might  look like.

The Economy for the 99% events would call upon local organisations to network and facilitate event(s) and to run workshops and set up stalls. The Alliance and Move your Money will be only too happy to help plan the events with you.

Organisational Support:
We expect participating partner organisations to publicise events, provide their logos, provide speakers and literature, and to identify people in the regions who are prepared to build the events. Financial contributions are being sought.

Publicity: A template leaflet is attached.

Publicity: For further information and liaison email  or phone Peter Robinson on 07876595993. 

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