Saturday, 11 June 2016

EU nations just refused to back a licence extension for weedkiller glyphosate -

Just as Bayer makes moves to merge with Monsanto, we’ve rocked Big Agro’s world. EU nations just refused to back a licence extension for weedkiller glyphosate -- meaning Monsanto’s signature product Roundup may be pulled from shelves this year.
This is the third time member states have rejected the EU Commission’s bid for a new licence for glyphosate.Governments are responding to our mass mobilisation of citizens fed up with the widespread use of a pesticide that the World Health Organization deems “probably carcinogenic.”  
On June 23, an appeals committee will meet to attempt a final compromise. But if it can’t reach a qualified majority, glyphosate’s EU licence will expire on June 30Which means that soon, a whole bunch of Roundup could be coming off the shelves across Europe.
Even a month ago people said we couldn't possibly make our voices heard over the noise from industry and scientists with chemical industry ties. But we did it, and it's even made us stronger than before! We’ve delivered tens of thousands of signatures to the Netherlands and Germany to make our voices heard. With both nations abstaining from recent votes and thanks to the massive efforts of environmentalists, activists, independent scientists and critical journalists, it looks like the tides are finally turning against Monsanto and glyphosate.
The EU has spoken. But the threat from Monsanto looms large. Politico’s Giulia Paravicini warns that "the Commission’s fear is a multi-million euro lawsuit from industry”. Can you donate $5 to help us continue bringing the fight to Monsanto in the EU?
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