Wednesday, 26 April 2017

People's Assembly update

The People's Assembly Against Austerity
Dear friends
It's never a dull time in politics! The general election announcement last week has obviously dramatically shifted the political focus and with such a short time frame many activists will now be flat out with campaigning over the next few weeks. This also affects our priorities. So we've made some adjustments to our planned activity.
1) People's Assembly national conference POSTPONED
We have decided to postpone our national conference which was scheduled for Saturday 13 May in London. Whatever the result of the election it will be crucial for us to come together to discuss our response and the next steps for the anti-austerity movement, but of course the results will determine our priorities.

We therefore think it's best to postpone the conference until shortly after the election. If you've already booked a ticket it'll be refunded to you within the next few days. 
2) Election campaigning
The People's Assembly is a broad based campaign involving activists from different political parties. That's why we are not campaigning for any one political party in the general election.

However, the anti-austerity movement still has a role to play in the next few weeks. We want to expose the Tory lies and make sure people know how damaging the Tories have been to our services. We're running a 'Tories Out' campaign over the coming weeks.

Here are some of the key activities we'll be engaged with in the coming weeks:

  • We're working with a group of NHS workers who will be putting on 'Save our NHS' public events across the country
  • We've produced a series of 'Tories Out' T-Shirts, badges, stickers and posters (contact for local group discounts)
  • We're encouraging local groups to organise demonstrations, protests and public events on high streets across the country
  • A number of parents groups and education campaigns are already organising events which we should support
What you can do.
  • Bristol People's Assembly have launched a 'ToriesOut' Demo Bristol, to help radicalise the election campaign. Get along to the Water Fountains in the City Centre at 1pm to make your voice heard. You can find more about their event here on Facebook
  • Manchester People's Assembly are holding a 'How to Trump the Tories - People's Question Time' event, this will be great way to help give our activists the arguments they need to help influence the election. Join them at 3.30pmthis Saturday afternoon at the Manchester Mechanics Institute and get involved with the discussion. For more details check out their Facebook event here.
Why not do something similar where you are?

In the mean time please download our 'Tories Out' poster here:

Stick it up in your window, in your workplace canteen, or community centre, Church or Mosque... or any where you think it will be seen! 

And also visit the People's Assembly shop to get your Tories Out Merchandise here

badge.jpg tories_out_tee.jpgtories_out_bag.jpg
Follow this link to take you to our shop.

We'll be announcing a date for a new post election People's Assembly conference soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and why not organise some street activity in your area to add some People's Assembly energy into getting rid of this Austerity Government!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us 

See you on the streets!

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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