Thursday, 10 July 2008


Conference 26th July Harlington Baptist Church, High St, Harlington*

12 noon-5pm

“What do we do if the worst comes to the worst and the Government says ‘yes’?”

HACAN, NoTRAG (No Runway Action Group), the Camp for Climate Action and Greenpeace are organising this unique conference where people opposed to expansion will have a chance to discuss what we can all do if the decision goes against us.

We expect MPs and local politicians will be joining us.

The conference provides a chance to consider a range of ideas:

Political lobbying

Getting across the environmental and economic arguments

What we can do as individuals

Demonstrations and direct action

The Programme for the Day

There will be short introductory talks on the latest state of play, on the implications of expansion for noise, climate change and community destruction, and around ideas for effective campaigning.

But the bulk of the day will involve structured discussions on the way forward.

The event will be free but small donations on the day towards lunch will be welcome!

The event will be perfectly legal!

It would be ideal if you could let us know if plan to come - email

The conference will be a very visible sign to government and the aviation industry that a whole range of different people, coming from different perspectives, are sitting down together calmly discussing what they do next.

* About 8 minutes walk from Bath Road. Buses 90 from Feltham, Hatton Cross or Hayes and Harlington Station; 140 from Heathrow or Hayes and Harlington Station; H98 from Hounslow, Cranford or Hayes and Harlington Station - all stop outside the church. Limited parking available.

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