Tuesday 2 December 2008

Jean Lambert's letter to Press re Campaign Against Climate Change March

Letter sent to London papers

Dear Editor,

On Saturday 6th December, many thousands of Londoners will be joining millions around the world to voice their concerns about climate change.

Climate change is a global problem with local consequences, some of which we are already witnessing, such as increased flooding, storms and droughts, leading to higher insurance costs, problems with food production and water scarcity.

This December, critical decisions will be made on the future of climate change policy. UN negotiations are now underway in Poznan to agree international plans to follow Kyoto and crucial votes will take place in the European Parliament on a new climate package.

The global day of action is an opportunity for all citizens to demand leadership from their Governments and elected politicians to achieve the best outcomes.

We need rapid action on climate change and I encourage everyone to take part in the climate march in London, which is likely to be the biggest event in Europe. The action will begin at Grosvenor Square at 12pm, with several high profile, inspirational speakers. For more info go to www.campaigncc.org

Jean Lambert
London's Green Party MEP

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