Sunday, 1 March 2009

Maggie's End: April 7 to 18 at the Shaw Theatre in Euston Road

Apologies to non-Londoners but this looks like more fun than last week's Maggie telly. GP-TU stall?

Martin Francis (Brent)
(Rec'd via NUT)

Dear Brother/Sister

My name is Davey Hopper. I am the secretary of the North East area NUM. As you will be aware, it is coming up to the 25th anniversary of the miners strike (March 12) and as the focal point of the commemorations we are bringing the hit play Maggie's End to London.

Maggie's End is a dark comedy that starts with the death of Margaret Thatcher and deals with her being given a state funeral by New Labour (which has been mooted on a number of occasions).

The play is being sponsored by the NUM and nationally by the GMB, UNITE, UNISON and the RMT (see the union logos on the leaflets below).

Maggie's End runs from April 7 to 18 at the Shaw Theatre in Euston Road (next to King's Cross railway station) in London. It will be a fantastic event, with book launches, exhibitions (photos and banners) singers, comedians a brass band and other great attractions. It will be a celebration of the labour movement.

Please forward this email on to your shop stewards/branches/colleagues/family/friends. It would be great to see you there.

I have leaflets and posters if you want them to distribute (see below). Either email me via this email or telephone me on 0777 563 0398.

Davey Hopper

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