Saturday, 5 December 2009

Demos. Caroline and Jonathon

Demonstrators at Speakers Corner for the Climate Change Demo 5/12/2009. A good Green Party turnout but it looked like the demo as a whole may not have been that big; however difficult to be sure as there was another Campaign Against Climate Chaos "Wave" demo on the same day. The organisers of this didn't seem to realise that wearing blue as a political statement is something that many find offensive.
Further more I am now getting emails for more climate demos next Saturday, I fear that this shows disorganisation and division.

Anyway the speeches that I heard from John McDonnell and Caroline Lucas were good, Caroline stated that radical economic change was needed, individual action, though necessary was not good enough to really reverse climate change.

I paraphrase Caroline but I did write down verbatim a quote from Johnathon Porritt when he made a creditable case against a climate change denier, on the Radio 4 Today program this morning, he said we should be working towards "..a different way of creating wealth in a low carbon world."

How different, Jonathon ? Can we still create wealth after radical economic change?
(P.Murry: personal capacity)

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TheBipolarBear said...

I wish I had known about the events at Speaker's Corner, although I think us from Lincoln arrived too late for that anyway, though I could be wrong.

Although I don't find wearing blue offensive, a little part of me could see a connotation of blue and the right.

However I doubt the great majority of those on the march wear particularly right wing- even the chaplain of Lincolnshire NHS I was walking with is a reader of both The Church Times and Marxism today!!