Friday, 22 January 2010

I thought that all of you might be interested to know about the
upcoming launch of
next week -- and that you might want to be talking about this in the
Labour Podcasting group

on UnionBook.

International Labour News Audiocast Starting Up February 1st, 2010
A weekly presentation of international labour news is being organized
on the Internet.

The audiocast - called Solidarity News - will be available on every Monday morning.

Solidarity News will focus on union and workers' activities and
issues from around the world with special emphasis on emerging market
and developing countries.

RadioLabour reporters will provide regular weekly presentations, but
a special feature of the audiocast will be reports from unionists who
want to report on particular events or publicize an activity of their

Scripts of the audiocasts will be available as aids for unionists who
want to learn the use of English as an additional language in the
international labour movement.

For more information about RadioLabour, listen to the audiocasts, or
provide reports, visit the RadioLabour site


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