Monday, 6 February 2012

CoR meeting: 'Resisting Austerity in Europe'

You are most welcome to attend the public meeting on Thursday February 9, 2012 at 7.00 pm.

The title of the meeting is 'Resisting Austerity in Europe' and it is part of a national tour on this theme and the guest speakers are the following:

  • Owen Jones, author of “Chavs – the demonization of the working class”. 
  • George Barrett – rebel Labour councilor from Barking who was recently expelled for refusing to vote through cuts. 
  • Clare Solomon– former ULU President and Coalition of Resistance steering committee member.
  • Mohamed Ashraf, parent from the Montgomery School Campaign. 
  • Beccy Adams, NUT rep from the Montgomery School Campaign.

Governments across Europe say there is no money for jobs, schools, health and housing and they expect ordinary people to shoulder the burden. Meanwhile their fat cat friends in the city and the bosses of banks rack up enormous bonuses and avoid tax on a colossal scale. We present three speakers who say there is an alternative to the politics of cuts and austerity– but only if we fight for it

The meeting is held at Committee Rooms 3 and 4 in the Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham (B3 3BD).

 It is organized by the Coalition of Resistance. and supported by Birmingham Against the Cuts and the GMB union.

acknowledgements to Doug Rouxel

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