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Climate Jobs Caravan Final Rallies

May 12 2012 12:00 pm
May 24 2012 5:00 pm
 All across the UK - See below!
                                                          Climate Jobs Caravan Final Rallies

London and Manchester
Friday 25th May,
The Climate Jobs Caravan, currently touring the UK, is catching the imagination of people around the country.....offering a positive solution to the economic and climate crises we face.

For more details of the Climate Jobs Caravan tour: or follow on twitter: @climate_caravan

For a report on the Climate Jobs Caravan up to now see here.
Can't make it to these events ? - email or write to your MP and ask them to sign EDM 65 which supports the Caravan.

LONDON - Friday 25th
7pm Friends Meeting House, St. Martin's Lane, (off Trafalgar Square)
A chance to catch the excitement the Climate Jobs Caravan has been generating across the country as it has visited over 25 towns and cities with its message that investment in climate jobs can help solve both the economic and environmental crises. 
Speakers include:
Tony Kearns (Sen. Dep. Gen Sec of CWU),
Jean Lambert MEP, (Green Party),
Murad Qureshi (Chair, GLA Environmental Committee),
Professor Barbara Harris-White (Million Climate Jobs Report),
Suzanne Jeffery (Chair, Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union group),
Saci Lloyd (author),
Graham Thompson, (Greenpeace)
Graham Petersen (UCU),
George Barda (Occupy, London)
 And join us at lunchtime:
The nationwide tour comes to an end with a demand that Chris Grayling, the Minister for Work and Pensions, gets serious about job creation. Join us and the Caravan for a colourful lunchtime event.  
One Million Jobs, Now Minister!
12.30pm, Dept of Work & Pensions, Tothill St, SW1H 9NA


Meet the Caravan and find out more about Climate Jobs:

10.30 - 3.30 - Piccadilly Gardens, Queen Victoria Statue
4.00 - 5.30 - Cavendish St, corner of Oxford Road
6.30 - 7.00 - Albert Square

Join the Caravan cycle tour around the town and the universities:
6.00 from Cavendish Street, corner of Oxford Road
Public Meeting at 7pm in Friends Meeting House, Mount St, speakers include Richard Lease, leader of Manchester Council & Martin Empson (CaCC TU group)
Further information from
 For a report on the Climate Jobs Caravan up to now see here.

All about the Million  Climate Jobs Caravan ............
Helping solve the climate & economic crises
On Saturday 12 May, the Climate Jobs Caravan tour of Britain started, with two caravans setting off simultaneously from London and Edinburgh. Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group and based on the Million Climate Jobs report, produced with the assistance of the CWU, PCS, TSSA & UCU trade unions, the Caravan will highlight how creating climate jobs can help us tackle the twin crises of the economy and climate change. There is an inspiring 10 minutevideo that sets out what we can achieve.
The routes are summarised below and there is an action packed schedule of events.
Sign the One Million Climate Jobs petition here.
Route 112 May – Edinburgh
13 May – Newcastle
14 May – Derby
15 May – Leeds
16 May – Stoke-on-Trent
18 May – Sheffield
19 May – Liverpool
20 May – Huddersfield
21 May – Bolton
22 May – Wigan
23 May – Blackpool
24 May – Lancaster
25 May – Manchester
Route 212 May – London
13 May – Coventry
14 May – Cardiff
15 May – Birmingham
16 May – Cambridge
17 May – Norwich
18 May – Oxford
21 May – Southampton
22 May – Portsmouth
23 May – Brighton
24 May – Redhill
25 May – London

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