Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ealing backs local hopital

Ealing Council is throwing its full weight...
Sarah Cox11:25am Aug 18
Ealing Council is throwing its full weight behind the campaign to save its local hospital. already leaflets have been printed for distribution to every home in the borough, posters have been produced to advertise the campaign and funds made available to local campaigners to help pay for public meetings etc.

The latest news is: Ealing now preparing 25,000 translations into the ‘top 9’ Ealing languages.
Council’s home delivery of leaflets now being completed, a further run emphasising the March is to be produced, and a campaign edition of Around Ealing.
There will be bus shelter ads and after that bus ads for 6 weeks, up to the close of the Consultation.

What has Brent Council done to support Central Middlesex Hospital where the A & E department - the only one accessible to people living in the poorest wards in the borough with the greatest health needs is under threat of total closure? They have passed a resolution!

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