A number of UCU activists are being tried in disciplinary action at Halesowen college on trumped up charges, the Branch Secretary Dave Muritu has already been sacked, there will be a lobby of the college at 0815 on the 7th of January, and I am intending to try and make it down, would be good to see any other Birmingham types who can make it.

Nick Varney the regional Official states that “I have never known such an abuse of disciplinary procedures. It is obvious that despite the lack of any evidence the college were determined to dismiss David and it is impossible not to link this to his union activity where he has legitimately challenged the Principal over the years .The whole process was like a kangaroo court and it was clear that the management chairing the hearings had been told what the outcome had to be. Indeed evidence is now emerging that new maths teachers were being appointed prior to the hearing so that they would be in place e for the beginning of the new term!”

Petition and further details can be found online here: