Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Freedom Bookshop

Dear friends,

I was very troubled to hear that your shop, which I regard as an old friend, has been the subject of a fire-bomb attack. Well... you must be doing something right or the people who did this would not try to silence you. I am sure they won't do that. We Greens have only been around 40 years to your 125, they didn't stop you in '45 and they wont do so now either. Your influence on my own politics and that of many in this Party, despite our differences in tactics, has been hugely significant and long that remain. 

I wanted to send you this message of support and assure you that your enemies are our enemies too. I will make a point of visiting as soon as possible after you have reopened - and buying lots of books to add to those from you that already grace my shelves. 

Yours in solidarity,

Tim Dawes
Chair, Green Party Executive

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