Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ipswich March for Multiculturalism

A broad coalition of Ipswich people including members of all major trade unions, the Labour party and
many other community groups will be marching this Sunday in support of the town’s tradition of multiculturalism.  The march is organised by Ipswich Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

The march comes a week after members of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) staged a gathering
outside the Ipswich offices of Unite the Union, chanting racist abuse at those attending a meeting in the building.

David Ellesmere, Labour leader of Ipswich Borough Council said:"Ipswich has a long and proud history of being a diverse town where people of all communities get on.Extremists who seek to create divisions amongst Ipswich people do not speak for us. They are not Ipswich and we will not let them divide us."

Miles Hubbard Unite Regional Officer said: “This gives the lie to any notion that the EDL are a mainstream political organisation. In attempting to break up a peaceful meeting through intimidation and racist 
chanting  they have demonstrated all the characteristics of fascism. They are opposed to integration and multiculturalism and are simply trying to stir up division.  By marching we are showing that there is no place for the politics of hatred in Ipswich.”

The march will gather at Giles Circus Queen Street Ipswich at 11.00am this Sunday 7th July.

Contact Unite Ipswich 01473 250321

Kind regards,
Miles Row

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