Monday, 30 September 2013

Support teachers' strikes today

TeacherROAR advice:     Homework #3

We've had lots of people asking how they can show their support for the strikestomorrow.

Here are some practical suggestions:

1. If you live in an area where strikes are taking place go and visit a
   picket line to show your support. We guarantee you it will mean an
   awful lot to those teachers. If you're feeling really flush go mad
   and buy them a coffee, or make a donation to the strike fund. You
   will make their day! (please note they will still love you for
   turning up even if you don't do that)
2. Tweet messages of support to us using the hashtag #teacherROAR
3. Even better still, send us a photo of you holding up a message of
   support -- we all love a picture!
4. Send an email to your local paper or TV station expressing support
5. Tell friends and family that you're supporting the teachers. Ask
   them to send a message of support too.


Tweet solidarity messages @NUTonline and @NASUWT

acknowledgements to Marti Francis

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