Wednesday, 18 December 2013

FOODBANKS petition


Today's the day!
After 142,000 people signed our petition (142,000!) -- Parliament will debate why so many people in the UK are hungry and relying on foodbanks to feed their families this Christmas. 
This debate is long overdue and it has been our sheer force of numbers that has made it happen, so thank you. 
Hundreds of you have contacted your MPs to make sure they show up and stand up for hungry people in their constituencies -- people in work, out of work, living on their own, with children, without children, all struggling to put food on the table. I'll be in Parliament today to report back on which MPs turn up. 
This debate is about finding out why so many people are hungry in one of the richest countries in the world. It is just the first step to tackling the issue but it is crucial. We need to understand the causes of hunger before we can address them.  
Let's make sure everyone knows this debate is happening. Please send a tweet today using #foodbanks and #jackspetition. Tell people the reason you signed this petition. 
If you need inspiration of what to tweet, here are 20 facts about foodbanks in the UK. Pick one to tweet (or tweet all 20!): 
Thank you for all you have done so far.
Jack Monroe
P.S. If you are not on Twitter share these 20 facts about foodbanks with your friends on email and ask them to sign the petition at 

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