Thursday, 6 February 2014

Malcom Bailey report from the People's Parliament and notice of PP on 11/2 (with Derek Wall)

Malcom Bailey report from the People's Parliament 3/2/2014

Last night I went to the People's Parliament meeting on 'What sort of democracy do we need?' at the House of Commons. John McDonnell was in the chair, speakers were Caroline Lucas, Owen Jones, and David Graeber. Jeremy Corbyn spoke from the floor. Attendance was about eighty.

I arrived early, with a bit of time to spare, so I went to the public gallery to see what was going on. Coincidentally, Caroline was speaking. It was the second reading of the Deregulation Bill. I was impressed by the way she dealt so effectively with nasty Tory interventions.

In the meeting, Caroline started by saying 'This place is deeply dysfunctional, we need a very different democracy than that we have today, it's not surprising public confidence in politics is so low.' She identified a long list of many radical changes needed.

Owen Jones said we need a democratic revolution.

There was a lively discussion, I haven't time to mention all the contributions and proposals. One guy said we should knock down the Houses of Parliament, and several were in favour of armed revolution. Jeremy Corbyn said 'the problem is the complete unaccountability of global capitalism'.

There was a slightly surreal atmosphere. To get into the place you are photographed and all coats, belts, bags, and pocket items are scanned. Seriously armed police are everywhere. And here we were, ordinary citizens,  talking about fundamental change.


The earth cannot wait

Tuesday 11th February, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Committee Room 9, House of Commons

Tickets available here

George Monbiot (Journalist)

Frank Hewetson (Greenpeace and one of the Arctic 30)

Frank is a father of two who has worked for Greenpeace in the UK and Australia since 1989. His commitment to environmental activism is tireless, and he has taken part in many Greenpeace campaigns over the years. He was also one of the Arctic 30 who have just got back to the UK after being locked up in Prison in Russia for a protest against the destruction of the Arctic.
Jane Burston (Centre for Carbon Measurement)

Derek Wall (Green Party)

Chaired by John McDonnell MP. 

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