Thursday, 6 March 2014

PROTESTS 10/11 March: Hospital closure clause vote in Parliament

Please cascade to contacts - we need to inform those who may be free to attend !

"Dear all

11th March -  Hospital closure clause vote in Parliament

the work done by the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign saved their local hospital
by taking the government to court?  Jeremy Hunt is about to get his revenge,
attaching a new clause to a government bill on social care – a clause which
gives him the powers the courts said he did not have.

We have one last chance
to stop this.  Keep Our NHS Public have already written to each Liberal
Democrat MP asking them to remember their supposed democratic credentials and
vote down this clause (clause 119) at report stage on 11th March.  Lib Dems
hold the key to this.  We wonder why they are going out of their way to support
the Conservatives on this matter.  We have also written to all MPs in Scotland,
Wales and N Ireland, begging them to turn up and vote even though their own
constituents are not being hit by this measure. (link to these two letters

We have also supported the work started by the Save Lewisham Hospital
campaign, who gathered 150,000 signatures and presented the petition at 10
Downing St last week, along with KONP’s president Dr Wendy Savage (photos will
appear on our website shortly).

Now we need one last effort, and are asking
you to do the following

·      Please write to or email your MP asking them to
defeat clause 119 on 11 March.  You can use this easy system for emailing your
MP if you wish:
·      Write to any other MPs
with whom you have a connection, especially Lib Dems, asking them to vote down
the clause

·      Get a letter in your local paper this weekend drawing
attention to the new powers and the likelihood that they will be used to
interfere with good local hospitals in order to bail out hospitals which are
failing financially – often because of disastrous PFI debts.

·      Sign the
new national petition against clause 119 which 38Degrees are organising:

·      Attend one or both of the two protest meetings being held outside
Parliament if you are in reach of London on the evening of Monday 10 March or
at lunchtime on Tuesday 11 March while the report stage is going on.  Bring
banners and placards and make a noise.

Details of protest meetings;

Monday 10
March, 6pm - 8pm - banners, placards, a wild and crazy four piece band that
supports the NHS and a few speakers.  Opposite St Stephen’s Gate, Houses of

Tuesday 11 March, 11am - 1pm.  Noisy protest – saucepans, bedpans
and whistles - outside Parliament on the day of the vote.

We hope to see you
at parliament on Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th March!  For further background,
see attached the two letters we sent to each Lib Dem MP and to all MPS in
Scotland, Wales and N Ireland"

From Romayne
         ( KONP Steering Committee)
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