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Stop the War bulletin | March 2014 |

Stop the War
Stop the War bulletin | March 2014 |

2014 Appeal: every pound, every penny helps stop war


Dear friends and supporters

In just two days we raised £2000 of our £15000 target. Help us find us the rest.

NATO expansionPlease give generously to our appeal. 2013 was a breakthrough year for the anti-war movement. After a decade of protest and for the first time in over a century, parliament voted against the government’s plans for war. But in 2014 war is back on the agenda.

The First World War commemorations are being used to justify present wars. There are major international conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine. NATO continues its expansion into Eastern Europe.

Stop the War has a record of 13 years opposing wars. But we need your help to continue to do so. We need to raise £15,000 and we are asking all our supporters to donate to help us reach this goal.

Every contribution, large or small, will help turn our 2014 programme outlined above into reality.

  • £5 = 2 placards

  • £15 = 1000 flyers

  • £50 = 50 No Glory Pamphlets

  • £160 = 1 month’s domain space and mailing list provision

  • £500 = PA hire for rally/demonstration
  • £1000 = No Glory World War One packs sent to 200 schools in the UK
To donate to the 2014 Appeal call 020 7561 4830 or visit Please don’t hesitate to contact the Stop the War office if you have any questions.

Together, we can keep the war makers on the run.


Yours truly,

Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War

Stop the War Coalition | | 020 7561 4830

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