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Greece Solidarity Campaign - May 2014 update

The Greek people vote for radical anti austerity policies for Greece and Europe

Syriza has come top in the EU elections in Greece, 3.86% clear of New Democracy, winning 6 seats. Full results here.  Syriza also made gains in the local elections - including winning control of the biggest region, Attica. Syriza statement on the results

PASOK came fifth in the Euro elections, getting 8%. Before the election they had threatened to pull out of the Government if they got less than 10%. More

Farage a monstrosity created by austerity  

In his first interview since the EU elections, Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Syriza talked about an alliance with the Potemas movement from Spain, that won five seats. 

He also called UKIP and the French National Front political monstrosities created by austerity. 

Greek fascists consolidate their support

Golden Dawn came third in the EU votes, getting nearly 10%, getting 3 seats.

They now have three MEPs. Two of these are former Colonels, confirming fears about the parties links with leading figures in the Greek armed forces.

Mass protests against austerity on May Day also challenged fascism and racism.

Show Europe against austerity June 21

The Peoples Assembly have called a demonstration against austerity. They've asked the GSC to help form a Europe against austerity block as part of this.

Please join us and get in touch if you can help.

Cancelling Greek debt is overdue 

This was the conclusion at a European conference on debt held in Athens in May.

The Greek Debt Audit Campaign show how those those responsible for the debt and  have off loaded this onto the Greek people and continue to profit. More. 

In the UK the Jubilee Debt campaign has called on the UK government to stop 'debt vulture' companies from using uk law to profit from the debt crisis in Greece. More. 
Syriza tribute to Tony Benn

Syriza published a tribute to Tony Benn, a ' great and sincere friend of the Greek people'.

They remember his leading role in isolating the Junta internationally in the 60s and 70s, and most recently in responding to the call from Greece for solidarity against austerity.

This appeal in led to the setting up of the Greek Solidarity Campaign, which he was the President of until his sad death.

Angry cleaners fight for their jobs 

397 cleaning women of the Finance Ministry facing dismissal have returned to their occupation outside the ministry building in central Athens, after a court decision that they be reinstated is not implemented. 

The women's fight has become symbolic of popular anger and resistance against the memoranda.  They have appealed for support. Find out how you can help here. 

Skouries - anti gold mining candidate ousts pro mining mayor

In Skouries residents celebrated as their candidate Michos ousts the pro-mining mayor Pachtas. Michos stood for the Skouries campaign to stop the gold mining that is destroying their area.

The former Mayor is attempting to sue Syriza for its statement against the treatment of protesting residents that called him corrupt.

98% in Thessaloniki say NO to water privatisation

In an unofficial referendum saw 12, 875 citizens in the town of Thessaliniki cast their vote, in spite of officials efforts to stop the referenda taking place.

The vote was part of the campaign to stop the privatisation of water in Greece. More
No entry to health care - 3 m uninsured

A 54 year old unemployed man in theatre for heart surgery in a public hospital in Athens was wheeled out as he had no insurance.

Volunteers at the Elliniko clinic intervened to insist on treatment. This is one of the social health clinics that the GSC works with through Medical Aid for Greece. More 

May Day protests and strikes 

Big demonstrations and strikes marked May Day 2014 in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

There were 24 hours strikes by the two main union confederations, plus strikes by rail workers, dock workers, ferry seafarers. More
Support the campaign 

Greece is in the frontline of austerity. The GSC organises to raise awareness, facilitate links and provide practical solidarity.

It is open for individuals to join and organisations to affiliate. 
Find out howShare this bulletin, link with us on Facebook 

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