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Stop the War updates/Gaza - keep up the pressure/Nato protests/Anniversary of First World War

Stop the War

Israel's attacks on Gaza - keep up the pressure

Gaza demoThank you to everyone for making the solidarity protests with Gaza such a huge success over the weekend. There were protests across the country, and another huge London demo which even the police put at 45,000. There is outrage at the continued attacks on Gaza by the Israelis, the killing of demonstrators in the West Bank, and the weasely support for Netanyahu from the western leaders, backed up by the media and especially the BBC.

Against Israel's Attacks on Gaza - Free Palestine!
Israeli Embassy, London - 5.30pm-7.30pm
Friday 1st August
Nearest tube: High Street Kensington

Israel is resisting a ceasefire which actually forces them to withdraw, because they want to continue destroying the tunnels under Gaza which are a lifeline to the people there. 

The solidarity movement is absolutely essential as a counterweight to this narrative. We have shown that it is a growing and international movement with many people linking the issue of Palestine to wider issues of war.

There will be a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington this Friday evening and a number of local protests across the country. We are asking everyone to hold a protest where they are to ensure that the voice of Gaza solidarity keeps being heard and reaches new audiences.

Stop the War local groups and becoming an activist

If you want to get involved with Stop the War, contact us. If there is a local groups in your area get in touch because particularly at times like this they will need your support. If not, why don't you help set one up? For more details, advice and materials to get you set up phone 0207 561 4830.

The latest on Gaza from the Stop the War web site:

Free Gaza merchandise and the Gaza Emergency Appeal

T-shirt and badgeThe popular Free Gaza badges we sold last Saturday are a great way to raise the profile of our campaign and raise money for the movement.

We are asking local Stop the War groups to hold stalls this week to highlight the issues and build the protests.

Stock up with merchandise for your stall by calling the office, or you can purchase individual items at the Stop the War shop.

The Gaza Emergency Appeal is helping us to build a strong campaign. If you haven't already, please consider donating below. Every penny counts.


You can donate in the following ways

  • Online Make a payment on the Stop the War web site
  • Telephone 020 7561 4830
  • Post Cheques made payable to Stop the War Coalition, 86 Durham Road, London N7 7DT

Nato protests

Just a month away from the Nato summit in south Wales, we need to draw together different strands of anti war and solidarity protest together to create a series of protests which show the opposition to Nato policies.

Nato expansion in eastern Europe has created a new cold war, with growing tensions over Ukraine. Policies in Afghanistan have been disastrous. Libya, hailed as a successful intervention three years ago, has descended into chaos and conflict. Palestine and the wider Middle East are war torn.

Coaches are going to Newport from across the country.

See the Stop the War web site for full details

Anniversary of First World War 

6.30-8pm Monday 4th Parliament Square
actors, activists and celebrities reading, speeches, and music
Nearest tube: Westminster

No Glory will be holding an event in Parliament Square next Monday to mark the anniversary. Unlike the government backed events, it will be saying that there is no glory in war, and calling for a future based on peace. Please attend or hold your own local events to send a message that we do not want the sacrifice of so many used to defend present and future wars.

See the No Glory web site for full details

Stop the War Coalition | office@stopwar.org.uk | 020 7561 4830

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