Thursday, 23 October 2014

TSSA climate change motion

Climate Change (Item 34)

That this Conference notes the catastrophic refusal of major world powers to take
responsibility for a meaningful reduction in carbon emission at the COP19 Warsaw talks
2013 (UN Climate Change Conference).

Conference notes the UK Coalition government’s reckless abandonment of its own
targets, cynical cut in green taxes to benefit the ‘Big Six’ energy companies’ profits and the
move away from renewables to nuclear and fossil fuel projects.

Conference calls on the EC to inform and engage members and actively campaign:
(a) in support of renewable energy expansion instead of fracking, fossil fuels and nuclear
(b) to work with Fuel Poverty Action for energy justice and a publicly owned,
decentralised energy system;
(c) to work with the One Million Climate Jobs Campaign for the just transition, skills,
infrastructure and employment needed for a sustainable future, and
(d) for nationalisation of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies under the
democratic control of their users and employees.

Moved by Fliss Premru (TfL Central)
Seconded by David Lyons (Network Rail North London)

 acknowledgements to J.Carver

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