Sunday, 1 March 2015

London federation of Green Parties meeting 24/2/15: 21st Century Military Operations/ International Debt /

 BEN GRIFFIN: “An Insight into 21st Century Military Operations”

Our perception of modern warfare is shaped by the military through the media, this presentation will offer an insider’s perspective on the nature of modern warfare. Ben Griffin is a former SAS soldier and the Coordinator of Veterans For Peace UK, an Ex-service Organisation that seeks to educate the public on the true costs of war.

DANIEL OZAROW: “Challenging the legitimacy of international debt: Argentina confronts the vulture funds”

The destructive nature of the unregulated global debt system has come under the spotlight following Argentina’s recent “debt default” at the hands of wealthy hedge fund speculators that have held the country to ransom in the pursuit of multi-million dollar profits. Daniel Ozarow, a Jubilee Debt Campaign activist will describe the international ramifications of these “vulture funds’” recent New York court victory against Argentina and explains why a growing movement is challenging the legitimacy of national debts globally by demanding citizens’ audits and subsequent debt cancellation. This, he explains is not only feasible but also integral to creating a fairer and more socially just world. Dr Daniel Ozarow, is a Lecturer at Middlesex University, a Jubilee Debt Campaign activist, co-editor of Argentina since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future and member of the Green Party.

Questions and discussion part 1

 Questions and discussion part 2

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