Sunday, 5 July 2015

Aλληλεγγύη και φιλία - solidarity and friendship

Trafalgar Square SAT 4TH JULY People's Ballot Greece Solidarity Campaign

Solidarity Greetings from Green Left as the Greek people head to vote in the referendum!

Green Left, the ecosocialist group of Green Party members are actively engaged in support for the people of Greece in their campaign against economic austerity measures. We support those who are ready to say NO! OXI! to the bailout. We urge those who are fearful due to the scaremongering of the bankers and politicians, adamant that opposition to neo liberal values must be crushed, to vote no to the bailout. The people of Greece elected Syriza, a left wing government (that formed with Greek Greens) because they chose to reject austerity economics and values that put bankers and profits before people and planet.

Vote no to the bailout! Vote no to the further suffering and impoverishment of the people!

Austerity is not an economic policy that makes any sense. It is socially destructive and economically deluded.

Austerity is class war. Austerity is capitalism in full attack. In Greece the ruling elite are smashing the principles of democracy in the home of democracy.

Tsipras and Varoufakis have made efforts to expose the toxic debt, demand debt relief and debt restructuring. Their arguments have helped to drive a wedge into the debate and to open up discussion to alternate ideas - ideas to tackle the crisis in Greece but also ideas that others across Europe can now consider. Greece is being harshly, unfairly and unreasonably treated. If Greece can be weakened and humiliated then the battle that we all face will be tougher. This is not a Europe that works for the people. Together the people of Europe can be strong, can become organised and build this fight against capitalist values.

In February 2012 Syriza was at around 3.8% in the polls. In a meeting in Athens Tsipras said " even if we achieve government it will not be enough". He has always known that the changes we need require more than could be delivered by elections and the existing parliamentary structures. What is needed is the development of a social movement that is ready to demand change. In Greece, in every European country and globally the people will need to work together to shape the future that can change the world.

Whatever happens today, whatever the referendum results, we stand in solidarity with the people of Greece and we will reach out in whatever ways we need to - practical and political - of course.

Aλληλεγγύη και φιλία - solidarity and friendship

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