Friday, 14 August 2015

GPTU, Green Left, The National Gallery strike and vincent-van-gogh

GPTU got a warm welcome from Candy Unwin and other strikers at the National Gallery this morning when they joined the picket line. Infromation on the dispute here: 

Latest News

Gallery management announce private ‘partner’ and all-out strike looms

PCS members, who have already taken 52 days of strike action in opposition to the privatisation and to demand the reinstatement of unjustly sacked PCS rep Candy Udwin, are striking again between 4-6 August. The Union, which has repeatedly urged management to work with PCS and the conciliation service ACAS to resolve the dispute, views the decision to announce the private sector provider now as a deliberately inflammatory move by Gallery management. Consequently PCS have now served notice on the Gallery that the Union plans to commence all-out continuous strike action from 11 August.
Urgent appeal
With all-out strike action looming, the Gallery strikers are making a fresh appeal for financial support; You can help the campaign in a number of ways:
· By organising a collection at your workplace (a collection sheet can be downloaded from this page)
· By donating to Sort Code 08-60-01; Account No. 20169002
· By sending cheques to PCS Culture Media and Sport Association, c/o PCS North West Region, Jack Jones House, 1 Islington, Liverpool L3 8EG
· By donating via PayPal
You can also show your support by visiting the picket lines, which will be mounted outside the Gallery between 9:00-11:00am every strike day.

AS a gesture of support GPTU and Green Left have chosen  a National Gallery painting to help publicise our solidarity. vincent-van-gogh-long-grass-with-butterflies

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