Sunday, 8 November 2015

dirty magazine

I recently purchased a dirty magazine or rather I purchased a magazine, which I had no reason to suppose contained anything other than political discussion and commentary of a social democratic/leftie nature. Ie:I bought the November 2015 edition of the New Statesman out of a  nostalgic desire to sit down with my beverage of choice and some ink on a pulped dead tree, rather than flickering pixels.

I had been attracted by a glossy front cover promising informed debate on “The End of Europe: a political project in crisis” but was shocked by a really filthy centre page supplement about “The Benefits Heathrow Brings, Near and Far” and the filthiest bit of all was Page 6  “Heathrow is extremely important for British industry: Senior figures in the Labour Party from across the country set out why they back the economic case for Heathrow expansion” .

The authors were
John Spellar MP (Served for five years as shadow minister for foreign and commonwealth affairs until this September, and was a transport minister from 2001 to 2003) “
Wes Streeting MP( Entered parliament this year, overturning a Conservative majority in the constituency of Ilford North.) 
 Councillor Nick Forbes Has been leader of Newcastle City Council since 2011 and has battled for the area while having to implement £40m of cuts 
Stephen Kinnock MP (Entered parliament this year. Previously he was head of Europe and central Asia for the World Economic Forum “As the member of parliament for Aberavon,) 
Fabian Hamilton MP( Has been a member of the Commons international development select committee since 2013 and is the member of parliament for Leeds North-East)
 Rt Hon George Howarth MP (Sits on the intelligence and security committee of parliament and represents Knowsley )
Mike Gapes MP (First sat on the Commons foreign affairs select committee in 1992 and has spent 15 years, on and off, as a member. He represents Ilford South “)

These are some of the people Momentum and others require support for, because Corbyn and Mc Donnell are socialists, and their policy seems to be the same the one advocated by Mick Rix of the GMB, who I met with on behalf of GPTU in 2008, (see The heading of the article states the agenda quite clearly “” ie this is advocacy of a high carbon economy involving unnecessary international trade:, not that I am arguing that all international trade is unnecessary.

Corbyn and McD ought to explicitly and clearly distance  themselves from this and give more than tokenistic support to the COP protests. Fine words on climate change, made to a niche audience, are preaching to the converted.

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