Monday, 19 December 2016

10 Green Guarantees to be met before triggering of Article 50 can be supported

Molly Scott-Cato's 10 Green Guarantees to be met before triggering of Article 50 can be supported from (acknowledgements to Martin Francis)

Green guarantees: What’s the plan?
Here is a list of guarantees that Greens believe must be met before we can support the triggering of Article 50:
·  A guarantee that the UK maintain as close a relationship as possible with our European neighbours;
·  A guarantee that the UK will defend its economic interests by remaining in the single market;
·  A guarantee that the rights of UK and EU citizens will be upheld, wherever in Europe they choose to live;
·  A guarantee that important environmental legislation such as the Birds and Habitats Directive and renewable energy targets will be retained or become even more ambitious post-Brexit;
·  A guarantee that the UK will not engage in a race to the bottom on tax rates, workers’ rights or consumer protections;
·  A guarantee that struggling UK regions, in particular Cornwall, will receive as much in funding as they currently do;
·  A guarantee that funding for scientific research and development be maintained at current levels or increased;
·  A guarantee that young people, who voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the EU, continue to enjoy freedom to travel, study and work across Europe and that they continue to enjoy access to EU-funded schemes such as Erasmus and student exchanges;
·  A guarantee that post-Brexit farming support will be targeted at shaping a healthy, economically-sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture sector;
·  A guarantee that the clamour for genuine democracy that the EU referendum unleashed will be honoured; we need an assurance that a fair and proportional voting system will be introduced so that every vote counts.

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