Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ecosocialist Network

Individuals from a variety of Green and/or Left political organisations and traditions in the UK are now engaged in launching an Ecosocialist Network, intended to include  Ecosocialsts, from various political parties or  none.
Green Left, a left tendency within the Green Party of England and Wales decided to support this step in a recent poll of its members and some initial responses suggest that others also share the perception that there is a political opening for Ecosocialists to get organised, and indeed an urgent need to make this happen.
We live in turbulent times politically, underlying this there is economic turmoil and it is becoming increasingly clear  that this, in turn, is related to a human-caused ecological crisis, most strikingly, but not solely, manifested in the chaotic consequences of accelerating climate change.
This is not a unique or original perception, many people in different ways have recognised this and are attempting to deal with it in various ways, through pressure groups, campaigns, political parties and individual actions,
A unifying factor is the perception that any useful attempt at a solution has to involve a reorganisation away from capitalist economics and politics. How this should happen is not exactly clear just now and the intention is that an Ecosocialist network could at least provide a forum for planning the necessary change.

At the moment that is all we can propose, because the rest is up to those who are able to contribute to building the Ecosocialist Network. We are holding an organising meeting on 4 February in London. If you are interested in attending this meeting and/or joining a ESNet mailing list, please contact:

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