Thursday, 4 September 2008

Campaign against Climate Change: Planning Meeting for the National Climate March and Campaign AGM

London, Saturday 4th October, 11.00 am to 5.00 pm Room G2 in SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), London

SOAS is off Thornhaugh street, off RusselL Square otherwise approachable from the other side from Malet street. Nearest tube : RusselL Square. G2 is in the main building where the Students Union is, up the stairs from the central courtyard.

The National Climate march is the biggest mobilisation on climate in the UK. But we need to make it bigger. Can you help us ? And plan climate campaigning ahead into 2009 and beyond.

The National Climate March on December 6th is also part of a Global Day of Action on climate,last year more than 70 countries were involved. Help us build this international campaign still bigger- both for the Poznan Climate Talks this year and the all important Copenhagen 2009 Talks next year.

As well as joining other countries around the world to demand urgent action and climate justice from world leaders the National Climate March will be pushing 3 major issue/demands to the government

No New Coal
- No Heathrow / Aviation expansion
- No to Agrofuels

While these negatives are balanced by a positive

Yes to renewable energy, energy efficiency, low carbon transport,deep and rapid emission cuts, green jobs

Help us find effective ways to bring these to the Climate March, and campaign on them through the coming year.

Help us build up the campaign network around the country to build the Climate March ever bigger and campaign effectively through the year.

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