Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Economists against austerity

The call for a People's Assembly Against Austerity is being supported by over 50 economists.

Academic economists and others from a broad range of institutions have signed up to the call for an Assembly. In an important contribution to the battle of ideas, a number of professors of economics, economic history and other disciplines are backing the call and opposing austerity policies.

The government and its supporters routinely repeat the Thatcher mantra that There Is No Alternative. The bulk of airtime and print media are devoted to maintaining this campaign of misinformation.

But a growing number of highly regarded economists are willing to publicly oppose the austerity drive. Campaigners, trade unionists and all those suffering the effects of government policy will welcome the academics' support, which disproves the notion that austerity is unavoidable.

The People's Assembly will publish the full list of economists names in the run-up to the June conference. It is also important to maximise the publicity value of the professors support.

Further support for the Assembly can be registered here 

acknowledgements to michael burke

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