Tuesday, 12 March 2013

: No Dash for Gas - the climate movement's Rosa Parks moment

Subject: No Dash for Gas - the climate movement's Rosa Parks moment
Dear friends -

On Wednesday 20 March (budget day) a number of No Dash for Gas activists who shut down an EDF gas fired plant last year will be sentenced for aggravated trespass. Some of them may get jail. If so, this will be the first time that climate activists get jail for peaceful direct action. This is hugely significant.

There will be an all night vigil/ demo outside EDF's offices in Victoria and I would be grateful if you can be there in solidarity and tell all your friends. We want to make our voices heard. Direct action on climate change is now a matter of self defence, regardless of what happens in the courts. Time to up the ante and support our friends who may be the first to make personal sacrifice. Separately to this criminal case, EDF are suing the activists for £5m.

The vigil will take place on Wednesday 20 March outside EDF's London office in Victoria, come from 5pm.  There will be entertainment and food and drink (although grateful if people can also bring bits and pieces to share, and warm clothing! Join the Facebook event and spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/events/549817328384415/

Also, an EDFoff switching site has been set up, which is similar to the Move your Money site but more tongue in cheek. This is brilliant - please have a look and share:
If you're not already with a green energy supplier, the site explains what your options are and why and how to switch.



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