Thursday, 20 March 2014

Alan Wheatley for Chancellor, NOW!

The photos I got a friend to take with my camera did not click properly tonight.

However, here is a clickable link to photo Peter a photographer from Demotix took of me tonight with newly decorated Kilburn Unemployed 'Budget Box'.

I believe though, that the most important work done by Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group activists has been the behind the scenes operations of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group activists supporting one another in attempting to get support of claimant's doctor toward successful Employment & Support Allowance claims.


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Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Alan Wheatley replying here:

Apparently the name of the Demotix photographer who took my photo that night was actually David Rowe, but I did see one of their photographers named Peter there.

Anyhow, a few notes about the placard statements. The "'Insufficient funds' is a bogus claim" statement is based on a too little known passage in Revd Dr Martin Luther King's famous 'I Have a Dream' speech that was made on the March on Washington on 28 August 1963. That march commemorated the cenenary of the Gettysberg Address, and in the reference to 'Insufficient funds,' King was saying that in the American Declaration of Independence, it was as if a cheque had been made out to America's blacks, and that cheque had been returned to them marked 'insufficient funds'.

There are, don't you think, clear parallels between the idea that there are insufficient funds to promote equal opportunities for American blacks, and the fallout from all the equalities legislation we have regarding disability equality in the UK? A key issue these days is that whereas legal aid has helped expose a great many of the abuses conducted against disabled and/or terminally ill people, legal aid is now a prime candidate for the public spending cuts chop!

And the 'Zero compassion contracts? No thanks!' statement attacks more than the impact of zero hours contracts on the workers concerned. It also refers to the impact of such contracts on the quality of service that such contracts have on the vulnerable service users. Beyond that, it also refers to the incredibly inhumane treatment benefit claimants are subjected to at jobcentres by staff who are apparently 'only following orders' and/or taking out their spite on the claimants. Such treatment is highlighted by NUJ member and blogger Kate Belgrave from her work accompanying members of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group to our leafleting outside jobcentres and the related 'exit polls'. As Kate observes, the great motto of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, "Never attend anywhere official alone" is not without good reason.