Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Stand up to scapegoating demonstration Saturday 22nd March - 11am Parliament Square

Stand up to scapegoating demonstration
Saturday 22nd March - 11am Parliament Square
or meet 9.30am at Kingston station

The Lewisham Hospital campaigners, who won their fight to keep open their local A&E last year, are calling on health workers, health activists and those who want to protect the National Health Service to join them on the UN Anti-Racism Day demonstration on Saturday 22nd March.

The current government is attempting to blame migrants for the crisis in the NHS, which is actually being caused by their own cuts to the Health Service. Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister, has continually pointed to "health tourism" as the key problem in our NHS. But actually, only £12 million is lost every year in treating non-UK nationals - while the government is aiming to cut £20 billion from the budget of the NHS by 2020.

Far from wrecking the NHS, migrant workers are at the heart of defending it. Ealing Hospital workers - almost all not British-born - are taking a week of strike action at the moment. They're giving up a week's wages to win decent pay and quality of service inside the NHS. And they'll also be marching against scapegoating on Saturday.

We need to stand up to the government's blame game and turn the fire on the real enemy - the politicians and privateers who are cutting and selling our NHS. Join the demonstration at Parliament Square (11am), or meet up with others going from the local area at Kingston station (9.30am).

Backed by the Lewisham Hospital campaign, the Trade Union Congress, the Muslim Council of Britain, Diane Abbott MP, Health Worker Network and many others.

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