Speaker Robin Singh
Robin is a member of Radical Socialist, an Indian revolutionary Marxist organisation which is a permanent observer of the Fourth International (http://www.radicalsocialist.in/)

Why was Narendra Modi elected Prime Minister of India in 2014 , despite being the architect of the Gujarat massacre of 2002 in which more than 2000 Muslims were killed?

How much is this about the decline of the dynastic Congress Party? How much is it about the rise of Modi’s BJP?

What was the view of capital towards the election and what was that of the left?

How does the new government affect those campaigning against violence against women?
What impact will it have on environmental campaigners including those fighting for nuclear disarmament?
What about trade union organisation and rights at work?

How will it affect India’s traditional international alliances and enmities? What changes have we seen or are we likely to see in foreign policy?

These are some of the topics we will explore at this meeting organised by Socialist Resistance (http://socialistresistance.org/)

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