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Greece Solidarity Campaign - Aug 2014

Greece Solidarity Campaign - Aug 2014 

Support for SYRIZA continues to grow 

The latest polls gives SYRIZA a 8.1% lead over New Democracy (25.8% to 17.7%), with the fascist Golden Dawn holding onto third place on 8.7%. However the situation is uncertain, with16.5% undecided or not known, and another 13% intend to abstain or spoil their ballot. Taking these votes out of the equation, SYRIZA'S lead is11.5%

It looks increasingly likely the Government will not last till the next general election due June 2016. The President of State’s term in office expires in February 2015. The coalition have 153 votes out of 300. A candidate for the Presidency need 180 votes otherwise a general election is triggered within 30 days. More 
20 Sept Stand in Solidarity with the 595 women cleaners 

The year long campaign of resistance by 595 sacked cleaners has attracted mass public support in Greece, the issue becoming symbolic of of the resistance to austerity and privatisation.

Support their campaign - send a message of solidarity, help raise money, Stand in Solidarity with the 595 Cleaners from 09.30 to 11.00 morning on Saturday 20 September - outside the Hellenic Centre, 16 Paddington Street, London More 

A planning meeting to build support for the cleaners campaign is this wednesday 10 September 6.30 - 7.30, the Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road, London. All welcome. 
Latest victory in the fight for health care

The anti austerity movement has forced the Greek Government to  address the growing crisis of the 3 million uninsured in Greece.

New rules have come in that specify that uninsured residents, currently excluded, will have hospital care without cost.  The health crisis in Greece continues, as hospitals cannot meet the basic needs of patients insured or not.  
The new future for Greece 

A feature of the anti austerity movement in Greece has been the development of networks of solidarity and alternative means of exchange -  with the growth of social markets and new forms of coop, linked to local Peoples Assemblies.

For the third year running an international Festival of Solidarity and Cooperative Economy will take place in Athens 10 - 12 October. All welcome. More. 
End tax avoidance? No, cut taxes for the rich 

The IMF has publicly criticised the Greek government for making insufficient progress on tax evasion.

In response to this the Coalition have announced a 'road map' on tax, which include plans to cut the top rate of income tax from 42 to 32 per cent and corporation tax from 26 to 15 per cent.

Austerity in Greece is shock doctrine in action 

According to bestselling author Naomi Klein, the systemic use of shock and fear by the power elites to undermine vulnerable communities is very much evident in post-bailout Greece.

From the rise of racism to the sell-off of the country's oil and natural gas resources – much of what will shape Greece's immediate future are, she argues, predictable consequences of the politics of austerity more 
Fundraising Dinner - Medical Aid for Greece Tues 21 October 
Medical Aid for Greece is holding a fundraising dinner onTuesday 21 OCtober at the oldest Greek restaurant in London - the Elysee, 13 Percy Street W1T 1DP

Delicious food with music in beautiful surroundings. Please save the date and tell other people.

Tickets cost £30.00 each. You can order your tickets from Vivianne and Isidoros at

Printed dinner tickets will be available shortly.

Sunday 21 September 2014 AAfG Musical Event 

Dalston Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, London E8 3AS
The event is organised for the anniversary of Pavlos Fyssas’ murder by fascist thugs (18 September 2013).  It is a joint event with the “Defend-the-Right-to-Protest” (DtRtP). Entrance fee is £5.  AAfG will donate 40% of proceeds to the Survivors of the Farmakonisi Island and 40% to Solidarity in the West of Athens.
Support the Greece Solidarity Campaign 

Greece is in the frontline of austerity in Europe and the Greek people are fighting back. The GSC organises to raise awareness, facilitate links and provide practical solidarity.

It is open for individuals to join and organisations to affiliate. Find out how. Share this bulletin and link to us on Facebook. Share this bulletin. There are many ways to get help. Get in touch and find out how.

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