Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Young Greens launch campaign to get young people organised

The Young Greens today launched their latest campaign 'Get Organised! Getting a new
generation organised and unionised!' at a joint workshop with the Green Party Trade Union Group.

Speakers from the RMT, NUS, the Students' Assembly and the Green Party discussed the benefits
of trade union membership and the need to convey these benefits to young people.

The RMT Young Members' group were keen to get into schools to talk to pupils about this as a part
of citizenship education but had found schools resistant. I suggested that theatre in education, based
on actual events such as the Grunwicks strike, could be a stimulating way of doing this.

There was also a discussion on reviving  the idea of  a School Students' Union  (something similar
existed in the 70s)  that could give  school students experience of collective organisation and

videos of the launch meeting at http://gptublog.blogspot.co.uk/p/get-organised-getting-new-generation.html

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