Thursday, 11 September 2014

stop ISDS

What is ISDS? 

ISDS is a clause in the Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnership [TTIP] that will effectively hand the power to control UK legislation over to private corporations. The European Commission knows that ISDS is up against massive opposition from civil society.

The Canada/EU Free Trade Agreement is being used to sneak ISDS in through the back door at a meeting... THIS FRIDAY! 

We will meet outside The Department of Business and Skills to non-violently confront & disrupt this corporate coup d'état. 

Speakers include: 
Linda Kaucher - StopTTIP
Nick Dearden - World Development Movement 
Clive Menzies - Occupy London 

ALSO . . . URGENT! Please fill out and send this letter to say NO to ISDS in CETA

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